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Dear Friends,


I wanted to post this before the end of the year, but our schedule was too intense and time was short. I also wanted to post it during our New Year’s holiday break, but as was trying to finish this up, I was forced to do battle with a moderate form of COVID. Luckily, after a few really annoying days I am able to function again and get back to our yearly round up. So, without any further delay here it is, finally.


This was a very hard year for us, even more so than 2020 thanks to the prolonged pandemic and lingering half-open, half-closed nature of major cities and office environment coupled with our busy development schedule. In addition, we had several team members get sick and require time off, plus family members who got sick needed the attention of team members to aid in recovery. Also, doing remote work, which can have advantages, is not always ideal for our development work. Our office environment has always been one of our strengths where problems and discoveries can be easily shared and discussed much quicker and focus can be better maintained. Regardless we have continued our work and even with some aircraft delayed, our overall timeline for Battle of Normandy is on track. With each new product, we set more ambitious goals for ourselves and keep pushing what we are capable of as a team. Sometimes, these goals are easily reached and sometimes not. We promise to keep pushing in 2022 and beyond.


Let’s take a look at what we accomplished in 2021 shall we.




2021 started off promising with worldwide vaccination drives and we all thought it would allow us to get back to a normal work environment and I could once again travel to Moscow to meet with the team in person. That didn’t really happen as planned, but work on IL-2 continued and we were able to do the following in Q1.


In February we released update 4.506. Highlights include:


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In February we released update 4.506. Highlights include:


- German fighter/bomber Fw 190 A-6 is now available to all Battle of Normandy owners

- Fw 190 A-6 added to Rhineland Career mode (to the 1st and 2nd chapters to joinable squadrons III./JG 11, I./JG 26 and II./JG 26 and to all chapters to AI squadrons III./KG 51 and NSGr. 20)

- Bf 109 E-7 got 4K quality external textures by Martin =ICDP= Catney

- New truck variations (which look exactly like the regular ones) that are loaded with ammo and explode when attacked in a spectacular way

- Many cockpit texture improvements by Chiawei =Oyster_KAI= Liang
- AI improvements

- Improved explosion effects


 _190A6.jpg.5efb9a8433d02e20d93f0b152488b103.jpg _expl2.jpg.d3a1cb548b75b2816133d7355ad58f92.jpg _expl3.jpg.bbac5a511234a57f577a0bc65b5ba8c3.jpg _109E7.jpg.3b8eeb4ba542c9a699e7c4b300a7eef2.jpg




The second quarter was a busy one for Sturmovik as we released two major updates - 4.601 in April and 4.602 in June. These updates brought several new planes and vehicles to BON and Flying Circus and even brought our first Collector Vehicle to market!


Some highlights from 4.601 and 4.602 include:


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_s14_01.jpg.78795763ded865d6e354d40c843cf3fc.jpg _gaz_03.jpg.cd449b1555bfeb2b4fda5ec9f8123b32.jpg _n28_01.jpg.e2f2e3deeb24cdb261d95e357689f9f0.jpg _FD8_1.jpg.f42642ab42fa8f15d0445c156a73712c.jpg

_dvd_01.jpg.8a1da3b316cc0a8a4307ae83364c8ade.jpg _dvd_02.jpg.f99bf5a0951c9d3e3db040c5c5422a35.jpg _dvd_03.jpg.20271fa3b6da0931462d1ac6d74b2f04.jpg _exp_01.jpg.4d1b9712cd8495c1d4e81bd74f1ac2cc.jpg

_taccod_01.jpg.b187afe5c5ce315968d6fb6a43261e1b.jpg _taccod_02.jpg.9f27ada3ebe9d3ee406bf7287ccdc040.jpg _taccod_03.jpg.31dd39ec3f36f46660488083e238f195.jpg _Typh_0.jpg.78b708a2e2bbbb29ee9effeaee4c4bfe.jpg

__FuSE65.jpg.7f521aa329d42417dc3b390da8c1bfb4.jpg __Flak3839.jpg.73d21f21eea0c861e731ee2e02aed969.jpg __M3A1.jpg.5fdb258c8998a5b512954fef778b8ed6.jpg __M272.jpg.5bcb1cc9a2e44a2b42c42667f0d391cf.jpg





Autumn 2021 saw two more updates that really boosted Flying Circus II content with 3 new planes and we released our mobile German Flak half-track. If you look through the highlights below, you’ll notice a lot of rather small, but important changes. Such details are important for our sim, but they take time and require research. Also notice our unique pilot fatigue modeling that makes dogfights and combat feel more real and less superhuman. Imagine being a young kid flying one of these machines and the physicality it took to be successful as a fighter pilot. It wasn’t always just about the performance of the aircraft like we seem to focus on in the sim. The human factor played a larger role in real life.


4.603 and 4.604


  Reveal hidden contents



_FCDH4_1.jpg.61e6f419897bae7fdbbaff0062cfbfa1.jpg _FCPD12_1.jpg.af128f0b827b2775a0282676d9d89ff4.jpg _FCS7_1.jpg.8369ee56f9bef13724b8762f5ed6e87e.jpg _SK_1.jpg.80d98b1dccd851e89f7e42492a36b639.jpg

Spad_7_180_01.jpg.54dd64c4165a098617c6ace220b0c890.jpg _HS129_2.jpg.11f413f3e324273acba16abbfe919817.jpg Airplane_Crash_Effects_03.jpg.cf1b67ea74f4ea36dcfe8cb7a039d934.jpg Tank_Effects_01.jpg.401425c08f44605f3b5e95300e0ea30f.jpg

LCI_01.jpg.ac335c8e05c0479daf059d1a9833a277.jpg Tracer_Effects_01.jpg.829a1011193e081a2bd96d13f9d98783.jpg _SB_1.jpg.467d47fed4b42343fe0f9ce54eb10d4f.jpg _SB_2.jpg.5c3c838d6a7422d844c5a46bfcf6a0a8.jpg





The push was on to finish the year strong even though our fabulous twin-engine aircraft for Normandy had developed slower than planned. So, we focused on adding the AQMG and New Clouds to IL-2 as fast as we could. Update 4.605 came in October and updates 4.701 and 4.702 hit in December wrapping up the year.


Updates 4.605, 4.701 and 4.702 includes these great additions and much more.


  Reveal hidden contents



_AQM_1.jpg.b24226247a80f3cda7a7334aeb0fb03e.jpg _AQM_2.jpg.96aa01c08a4a68813f985efcd61fba16.jpg _B14_1.jpg.3dc8a0398fbb73db1317ea445a09a2b1.jpg _dfw_1.jpg.4e8a9a025556fd5631f694c94b25d008.jpg

_51_4.jpg.fd55bf89f7b5ec53b45b3475c50b3f66.jpg _51_5.jpg.7948e8cbf32432824c60b324d201d2d7.jpg _clouds_2.jpg.f565f7ce773aa39936c811f2d442fce8.jpg _clouds_6.jpg.09e4a4287fcd28f1a9a61ecc20017c9e.jpg

_clouds_7.jpg.4ae47b94b2442ea825614f16882f4d8f.jpg Clouds_01.jpg.f1cfa9df6efffc02e357f4ee08a2455b.jpg New_Clouds_01.jpg.662b5a6894ead85cc58ba89f004df827.jpg New_Clouds_02.jpg.35700002fd81b33d920c41465fbc3a11.jpg

_FC_1.jpg.884f8f6e8391722d47ed0d2b605298fc.jpg _FC_2.jpg.25bfaac9675fc7232df757a11eaa9460.jpg



Special Thanks


As is always the case, we cannot do what we do without the support of talent individuals that help us improve the simulation. Sometimes they help in small ways and sometimes in big ways, but it all adds up to make users enjoy Sturmovik that much more. This is in incomplete list and I’m likely to forget someone, but we want to say special thanks to ICDP, Raptorattacker, LukeFF, SYN_Vander, Jaegermeister, Oyster_Kai, Requiem, SYN_Haashashin, Pat_Wilson, MisterSmith, ShamrockFive, Gambit21, Haluter, BlackHellHound1, Rowdyb00t, SolidKreate, ROEN911, Juri_JS, PatCartier, Obelix, E69_Cananas, J2_Trupobaw, namhee2, SCG_Fenris_Wolf, LF_Gallahad, Mr. Black Dog and all our Beta Testers and anyone else who pitched in to help us this past year in any capacity!


Also, we want to say thanks to our professional development partners Ugra Media, DigitalForms, Michael Luchin & Team and Ivan Shirshov who are doing a great job expanding the Great Battles series!


Plans for 2022


So, what’s in store for 2022? Lots of things! Our main goals are to release BON and FCII by the summertime and work to release the Collector Planes and Tanks we have previously announced. As we do that, we will begin planning for future titles and continue to try and beef up our personnel so we can have better options then we’ve had previously for parallel development and new technology.


You can check out the list of the content we previously announced and what their status currently is. There is much new content coming in 2022 along with some new features and usability improvements that we will share in our Developer Diaries.


Fokker D.VIII - Released in 2021
Spad 7 150hp -  Released in 2021
Spitfire Mk.XIV - Released in 2021
Fw-190 A-6 - Released in 2021
Nieuport 28.C1 - Released in 2021
Spad 7 180hp - Released in 2021
GAZ-MM 72-K - Released in 2021
Sd. Kfz. 10/5 + Flak38 - Released in 2021
Typhoon Mk.Ib - Released in 2021
P-51B/C - - Released in 2021
Pfalz D.XII - Released in 2021
Breguet 14.B2 - Released in 2021
DFW C.V. - Released in 2021
Airco DH.4 - Released in 2021

Western Front WWI Map – Scheduled for Q1 2022, might slip to Q2 if quality issues. (Made by Ugra Media)
Normandy Map - Scheduled for Q2 2022
Sopwith Triplane – Scheduled for Q1 2022
Ju 88 C-6 – Scheduled for Q1 2022
Handley Page 0-400 – Scheduled for late Q1 2022
Gotha G.V – Coming in Q1 2022
C-47A – Scheduled for Q2 2022 (Made by Ugra Media)
B-26 (AI) – Scheduled for late Q1 2022
V-1 Cruise Missile – Scheduled for Q2 2022 (new engineering needed to make this to launch and fly right)
Ar-234 – Scheduled for Q2 2022
Mosquito FB Mk.VI – Scheduled for Q2 2022
Me-410 – Scheduled for Q2 2022
IAR – 80/81 – Second half of 2022 (Made by Ivan Shirshov)
Churchill Mk.IV Tank – Summer 2022
Stug III Mobile Assault Gun – Summer 2022
Siemens & Schuckert D.IV – Scheduled for 2022 (Made by Ugra Media)
Sopwith Snipe – Scheduled for 2022 (Made by Ugra Media)
Li-2 – After C-47 (Made by Ugra Media)


Thanks again to all of your support in 2021 and for your continued support in 2022!!




Edited by 76.IAP-Blackbird
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I've been playing IL-2 since the first version came out in 2001. The effort at content and graphics, aircraft all of it is outstanding and I can't wait to see more. I was thinking as I started reading the article was "man, I hope they add the B-26 and 4 engine bombers. Well, I see the AI B-26 so I'm sure a flyable model will come in time. I really hope 2022 brings all the struggle with the sickness to an end (I have it now too) so that we can all feel better. Keep up the great work, and all of our spirits will follow!

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Because swapping from a GTX1080 to an RTX3070 did give me the opportunity  to give it a retry, after an absence from nearly one year. Sorry to say but the WW1 game made by Uglymedia is still a cheap RoF swapjob, fuzzy looking and in VR a weird 3D cockpit look (this is not counting for the WW2 plane sets), while at the highest graphical settings it’s still a VR-shimmer festival and seeing trees doing pirouettes. On the other hand clouds are a great improvement for VR  users. 

Pity because there are a lots of  Nvidia stuff and injectors for VR that can really be helpfully. After more then 20y of only combat flysims (mainly WW1) I went to VR race sims and here you see a much better VR implementation. Even the old Assetto Corsa, is with Content Manager/SOL  from modders, up to date in graphical eye candy.  1C should not neglect the VR users. 

But who knows time will solve this, as an outsider like Asobo or a combat flysim studio is using the FS2020 game engine or like  Assetto Corsa Competizone the Unreal game engine.  




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      Attention Pilots!

      We are proud to announce that we are now accepting Pre-Orders for three new Collector Planes! We continue to build and offer interesting and legendary aircraft for the Great Battles series that enhances gameplay and offers new experiences to our customers. 

      The following are now available for Pre-Order in the IL-2 Official Webstore! All feature a 20% Pre-Order Discount!

      - Sopwith Snipe

      - Siemens-Schuckert D.IV

      - Spitfire Mk. XIV w/ Teardrop Canopy

      All three of these planes are in development and we plan to release them later this year and each represents the pinnacle of aircraft design for their respective eras. 

      Sopwith Snipe 7.F1

      The Sopwith Snipe was a late-war entry into combat and represented the pinnacle of British Great War fighter aircraft. It began replacing Sopwith Camels in the autumn of 1918 and went on to server post-war after the Armistice was signed in November 1918. The Snipe was the last British fighter to come equipped with a rotary engine – the Bentley BR2. The BR.2 made 230 hp which allowed the Snipe to be a little faster than the Camel. Although not blistering fast by 1918 standards, it was a very maneuverable fighter. The Snipe had a faster rate of climb than the Camel and it could fight superior German machines more effectively at higher altitudes. The Snipe came armed with two .303 machine guns and had improved visibility over its predecessor. It could also carry a small bomb load like the Camel. It’s combat life was short, but both British and Australian squadrons had success with it before the war ended.


      Siemens-Schuckert D.IV

      The Siemens-Schuckert D.IV came very late to the Great War that was too late to change Germany’s fortunes, but what machines did make it to front-line squadrons acquitted themselves well. The SS.DIV was the end result of a robust line of Siemens-Schuckert aircraft that saw service in the war and it came with a unique feature. The 200-hp Siemens Haiske SH.IIIa rotary engine had a crankshaft that rotated opposite of the engine and the propeller ’s rotation in an attempt to reduce the torque. The four-bladed propeller gave it a fast rate of climb and a high speed. The SS.DIV was even faster than Germany’s mainstay front-line fighter, the very successful Fokker D.VII. It was also very maneuverable, but reportedly had nasty stall behavior when pushed too far. The SS.DIV was armed with two 2 × 7.92mm machine guns.


      Spitfire Mk. XIV w/ Teardrop Canopy

      The Spitfire Mk. XIV, which entered service at the end of 1943, was originally built with a “high back” rear fuselage which restricted visibility to the rear of the plane. To rectify this problem, development of the Mk. XIV with a cut-down rear fuselage and tear-drop canopy began to be developed and built at the end of 1944.

      These improved Spitfire Mk. XIVs featured full-span wings and were equipped with 2x .50 cal. machine guns and 2x 20 mm Hispano cannons; they could also be fitted with bomb racks to carry 250 lb. and 500 lb. bombs. An additional 64-gallon fuel tank was also fitted in the rear fuselage, which increased the range of the Mk. XIV to over 610 miles on internal fuel. The same Griffon engine that powered the original Mk. XIVs also powered this new model. For reconnaissance work, a camera could be fitted behind the canopy; such planes were known as Fighter Reconnaissance Mk. XIVs and were fitted with clipped wingtips as standard.

      Spitfire Mk. XIVs with the cut-down rear fuselage and tear-drop canopy started entering service with the Royal Air Force’s 2nd Tactical Air Force in March 1945 and continued in operational service after the end of the war in Europe in May 1945. These improved Mk. XIVs also began to be sent to the South-East Asian Theater in June 1945 but arrived too late to see any combat against the Japanese.


      The Sturmovik Team appreciates your continued support as we complete our current development schedule and plan for a busy future! 

      See you in the skies!

      The Sturmovik Team
    • By 76.IAP-Blackbird
      Dear Pilots!

      Today’s DD is all about the mighty Mosquito FB Mk.VI, which is nearing completion for Battle of Normandy! We are finishing her systems and flight model and preparing her for release. As you can see from the images, she is a really good-looking aircraft and there are tons of armament options. She packs one hell of an offensive punch with awesome flight performance. We think she will be an incredibly popular ride in Great Battles. Below you see the almost completed cockpit along with several armament options and skins that will be included. Unfortunately, some systems were not functioning yet, so I was unable to launch any weapons or engage in combat, but she will be entering Beta very soon where the testers will put her through her paces. Stay tuned for more as we get the “Wooden Wonder” ready for release!



      The Sturmovik Team
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      Dear Great War Pilots!

      We have some awesome news to share with you in today’s DD. The images below are the first to show the Sopwith Snipe and Siemens-Schuckert D.IV Collector Planes we have in development. They are being built by our friends at Ugra Media with our supervision and they are coming along quickly. The Snipe’s external is looking good and the cockpit is well under way, but not ready for a public reveal yet. The SS.D.IV is in a less developed state, but it’s coming along nicely. Both of these are challenging little birds to build, as great reference material is sparse, but when complete they will represent the pinnacle of WWI fighter design at the time of the Armistice. These are also the first truly new aircraft for Flying Circus that were not made for Rise of Flight in the past and we think you will really enjoy them! Both of these will be made available for Pre-Order soon, now that they have made significant process in their development. More about these two interesting warbirds as development progresses.

      Sopwith Snipe

      Siemens-Schuckert D.IV


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