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Wings Over The Reich - Addon Development News

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Hi all,

Old Brown Dog Software is proud to announce details of the expansion we have been working so hard on for WINGS OVER THE REICH,

and it is:     The Battle of France

Take your part in a new, whirlwind, dynamic campaign as the Germans invade France bursting through the Ardennes Forest,
taking the allies completely by surprise.  
OBD has designed an utterly unique campaign system for the fast-paced dynamic blitzkrieg war - never seen before at this level
in any combat flight simulator.

In a matter of weeks in the summer of 1940, the Germans push through the Ardennes and following along the Somme valley,
effectively cut the French forces in two, and isolate the remnants of the BEF and French 1st Armies in Dunkirk.

Soon you can take part in this exciting early WW2 period, with the Battle of France add-on for Wings Over the Reich!

Release date and final details to be confirmed. 

For more details, images and information please see the WOTR website!     
There you can click the Red button below the announcement to read the full newsletter - this has dozens of new images and more info!

OR here's a direct link to the newsletter with the extra WOTR details and images!  -->   HERE  <--
(On the WOTR website, press CTRL+F5 to refresh the page if you do not see the latest news).

WOTR BoF Addon - Curtiss Hawk 75 Shot09-05-22-11-51-19.jpg

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