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  1. Thanks, but that doesn't work either. DamageRating is set to "Destroyed", I've tried matching up the FlightControl MaxG value with the wings', nothing works. I have looked at every line in the wing, fuselage, etc sections and can't see anything that would change something. Funnily enough this is what I tried doing at first, but when I looked at the stock aircraft data.inis and saw they only have one MaxG entry I thought it wouldn't do anything, I'm certainly happy to see I was right! For now I'll leave it as is. I don't want to get frustrated with this and give up the whole thing, there's a lot to do with the FM and frankly as this thread shows structure limitations shouldn't be my priority. Thanks for the help though!
  2. Well I've lost so many wings in DCS that it feels weird that it doesn't happen every other dogfight...
  3. Oh there definitely is. It just takes a while, in fact here's me trying to break the stock F-15, it took two drop tanks and the entire internal fuel load before finally breaking it at a peak of 18Gs. It's completely unrealistic and it's pretty understandable that most people wouldn't actually see it happen, but it can happen. Hard. In fact the only things I haven't set at Hard are Visual Targeting, HUD.
  4. Basically what the title says, I've added the "StructuralFactor=" line to the wings of an aircraft that didn't have it (Su-27), but it refuses to break up. Even with MaxG=4.0 and StructuralFactor=0.7, it can pull over 15Gs for as long as it can keep its speed up. I know it isn't super well modelled in SF2, and something like the stock F-16 will happily pull 20Gs for ages before it actually breaks up but I've just pulled a 10 minute 27G turn at Mach 1.8 and my little Saturn-27 is just fine. Am I missing something?
  5. You need to look at CLaMachTableData= This; CLaMachTableDeltaX=0.10 CLaMachTableStartX=0.00 CLaMachTableData=0.973,0.975,0.979,0.988,1.000,1.016,1.038,1.066,0.201,0.001,0.001,0.001,0.001 In fact the 10th parameter is 0.001, which since the table starts at Mach 0.0 (CLaMachTableStartX=), and each parameter is an increase of 0.1 Mach (CLaMachTableDeltaX=), that's Mach 0.8.
  6. You need to go to your mod folder, StrikeFighters2, then Controls. You'll find the .ini file which by default is called Default, but it will have whichever name you specifiy in the control settings in the name. Open it up, and scroll down to find this: [RangedControl004] AxisControl=THROTTLE_CONTROL MaxValue=1000.000000 MinValue=0.000000 DeadZone=0.000000 Saturation=100.000000 ReverseJoystick=TRUE__________________________________________This is what you'll need to change. From FALSE to TRUE, or TRUE to FALSE, depending on which it is on your file MouseScale=10.000000 UseMouseRate=FALSE ReverseMouse=TRUE LimitValue=TRUE SelfCenterRate=0.000000 KeyControlRate=1.000000 AllowKeyControl=TRUE IncreaseControl=THROTTLE_UP DecreaseControl=THROTTLE_DOWN CenterControl= Hope it helps!
  7. Just did a quick test, it's possible to get roll TVC the same way. Map the thrust vector control to the normal roll axis, and invert MaxVectoredPitchAngle= and ThrustAngles= in the left engine, like this: [Engine1] MaxVectoredPitchAngle=-30.0 ThrustAngles=0.0,30.0,0.0 [Engine2] MaxVectoredPitchAngle=30.0 ThrustAngles=0.0,-30.0,0.0 Having both at the same is impossible, but I have an idea. I don't think it'll work, but it's worth a shot. Yaw TVC is also impossible as the game only supports vertical TVC. Here's a video of it.
  8. I don't think it's particularly realistic, but here's a modified Su-27 doing Kulbits using actual thrust vectoring and not RCS. (Sorry for the audio quality, I'm using the built in Win10 recorder and it's ugh ) https://streamable.com/m468da So here's how to do it: Step 1: Map the thrust vector axis to your normal pitch, ie up/down on the stick. This will make flying a normal VTOL a-la Harrier pretty much impossible, but it's the only way to do this. Step 2: How it actually works ThrustVectoring=TRUE ThrustVectorInputName=THRUST_VECTOR_CONTROL MaxVectoredPitchAngle=30.0 ThrustVectorControlRate=10.0 ThrustAngles=0.0,-30.0,0.0 //This is the important one. It needs to be the same angle as the MaxVectoredPitchAngle, or it won't work. With this the "neutral" stick position will also leave the thrust vectoring at 0º, and pitching up or down will pitch the thrust vectoring up or down accordingly. Step 3: You'll need to add the StabilityAugmentation= parameter to the FlightControl section. Otherwise the plane will just spin like crazy if the AoA gets too high. Edit: I'm very sorry, I posted this before I actually finished writing. I guess the Kulbits left me a bit disoriented
  9. It is a "normal" Flanker, but it was stripped down to beat time-to-climb records, which it still holds surprisingly. Everything that wasn't required for safe flight was removed, in fact the Soviets went as far as removing the flaperon, slats, and airbrake actuators. Slowing this thing down from Mach 2+ and 60k ft is a bit of a hassle, I must say. Anyway, to come as close to the real P-42 as possible, a lot of antennas (antennae?) as well as the landing gear mudguard, HUD, IRST, ventral fins and of course the pylons have to be removed. That means a lot of model nodes. The model itself is, well, what it is, but it's not really the proper model to be fair. I'm not planning on releasing it or anything. This is just a small project I wanted to make partly because I'm fascinated by the P-42 and wanted to (kind of) fly it, and partly because this is a great excuse (for me) to dive deep into the inner workings of an aircraft, and learn how everything works in SF2. So thanks for the extra bit of knowledge!
  10. Yeah I was avoiding using the "dirtier" method of using the weapon stations as I didn't want the loadout screen to be full of empty entries. I didn't know they could be hidden, so that's my problem gone. Thanks!
  11. So I've been working on this "pseudo P-42", and I've had to remove dozens of parts from the normal Su-27 using the "HideXXXX" method, but I reached a point where the game just doesn't seem to register any new Components in the AircraftData section. I've been copy-pasting everything too, it just stops abruptly at the 32nd Component for no apparent reason. In case I'm missing something that should be obvious, here's the Component list as well as a couple of examples. //It starts at Component[001]=Fuselage, snipped everything for better formatting Component[029]=HideCylinder07 Component[030]=HideCylinder09 Component[031]=HideSphere01 Component[032]=HideSphere06 //The game doesn't detect anything after this Component[033]=HideSphere05 Component[034]=Hideantenas2 Component[035]=HideCapsule11 Component[036]=HideCapsule10 //And it goes on after this, but nothing works [HideSphere06] ParentComponentName=Fuselage ModelNodeName= DestroyedNodeName=Sphere06 DetachWhenDestroyed=TRUE HasAeroCoefficient=FALSE MassFraction=0.0 [HideSphere05] ParentComponentName=Fuselage ModelNodeName= DestroyedNodeName=Sphere05 DetachWhenDestroyed=TRUE HasAeroCoefficient=FALSE MassFraction=0.0 As you can see they're both identical. And every other [HideXXXX] is also identical, copy and pasted from the same template.
  12. Basically the title, I'd like to set both the right joystick on an Xbox One controller and the mouse to control the camera. Is it even possible?
  13. You should use the mod I linked. It's the same mod, but the skin will work properly. Hope I've cleared it up!
  14. I think @bazillius fixed the mapping. It's still the same model, so the skin should work perfectly. You can find it here.

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