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  1. F1CT over Yougoslavia, 1993

    Oh nice ! Sorry if you already have answered that sort of question, but what mods are you using in terms of map tiles and sky effects ?
  2. Mirage F1C-200

    A great aircraft well done
  3. Yes, i think it's something like that. I tried to mess up with the aionics INI (the track range) but it still don't work, so I guess i'm doing it wrong
  4. On JAT81500's Rafales i can use the MICA IR in range in excess to 10 to 15 NM in a R-27ET-like launch (I did "scores" against maritime patrol aircraft and bombers at that range) while i'm confined to 10 NM range with the same missile with a radar seeker (MICA ER) or even the METEOR BVRAAM. On older missiles like the AIM-7/Skyflash on the F-4, i don't have any problem, mainly because the 10 NM range is more than enough to launch a medium range missile, so i'm not complaining about SAHM not reaching the maximum theoretical range. For the weapon editor, you mean the loadout page ?
  5. Well, i'm mostly interessed in JAT81500's Rafales which have the MICA EM and METEOR that should be able to fire beyond 10 NM. There is a combat mode that goes up to 10 NM (which is the only way to lock radar guided missiles) and a TWS mode (which can't lock missiles even within the 10 NM range the combat mode has, so it's more of a search mode in the practical sense) I don't have trouble using boresight mode for AIM-7 in the stock F-4 for example in the 10 NM range or for the Super 530 for the Mirage F1 C200 , in a boresight 7 NM mode (which seems to be short against bulky aircraft but enough against fast small targets before switching to heat-seeking missiles) I'm using the search mode to find the contacts at longer range, and i don't have problem with it. For aircraft with a boresight mode (F-4), i usually point, use ACQUIRE_RADAR_TARGET and release the SARH when i'm within the 10 NM "range" (obviously closer when the target is not a big clumsy drone the size of a maritime patrol aircraft flying gently) and there are no problems. For the more "modern" planes (which are mods), I find however difficult to use more modern missiles at distances farther than 10NM. I might however use the radar totally wrong as you pointed, which may be entirely possible (even if I tried to browse the forum to search for answers which work obviously better for the older planes). I can acquire targets at distances far greater than 10NM (with the red cheat marker box showing at 40-30NM) however. But for modded planes and modern missiles that would be able to shoot over 10 NM at big clumsy non-manoeuvring bombers-drones being used very gently for the missile, i find quite impossible to shoot beyond 10NM with modded "active radar homing" missiles, even if I can, in the case of the Rafale, shoot the MICA IR like a R-27ET extended range infrared guided missile at distances about 15-20 miles when the target is slow and clumsy
  6. Hey I'd like to ask a question about radar combat. While long range (>10 NM) BVR capacity is quite poor for stock planes (at the exception of the F-14A Tomcat, where it seems that the Phoenix missiles works), it seems i can't use missiles on modern "mod" planes on distances farther than 10 nautical miles, the radar combat mode distance limit (i'm thinking about the use of the Meteor BVRAAM on JAT's Rafale, neither can I launch a fox-3 in a maddog move ,launching it in a "fire or forget" move) I'd like to know if it's a hard lock in the software and in the mods or if it's something that is easily fixable and that I should have figured out alone by now, in that case i'm sorry for bothering you.
  7. Well, i fixed my problem by making the direct input in the control file, for both issues
  8. Thanks for the answer ! It seems that there isn't any keys for firing main guns, and chaff seems to be still bound to key C So, i guess that the mode to action would be to set manually the chosen function in the text, then putting it to read only, or to lock it in a certain way ?
  9. Hello I have two little problems with keys : I cannot fire guns (yet I still can release weapons such as bombs, rockets and missiles) and my ECM keys are kinda messed up : The "Release Chaff" key turns on and off my ECM, and chaff is released on "select previous gun group" I'm using a X56 Hotas setup as well as a delanclip "trackir" and I have SF2 as well as the Israel, Europe, Vietnam and North Atlantic modules. I previously played only on a -mod israel executable, but I still encountered the problems in the other fresh installations I have found threads that were close to this problem (such as this one), yet I didn't found solutions about guns not firing when "Fire Primary Guns" is pushed, or when secondary guns are also toggled. Only "Fire selected weapons tend to work

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