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  1. Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Review.

    I've been using this stick for years on all kinds of flight sims. It's been the best stick I've owned. It's getting increasingly wobbly in the centering so that my dead zone keeps going up in my settings. Has anyone tried to refurbish one of these?
  2. Spotting!

    That looks slick, @mue. I'll consider that option.
  3. Very new to SF2 Vietnam and I'm having to adjust from my years of WWII sims. I've been able to follow my radar in to make a visual contact without red box help. My trouble has been after a rapid closure or head to head pass. That bogey might now be five miles out and I've lost him between the rear view limit and the time to transition the airplane into somewhere I can view him again. Anyone have suggestions for spotting bogeys in this game when you're not riding the radar signature to it and they get some distance from you?
  4. I'm running SF2 Vietnam with RealSky and Green Hell currently. Good grief it looks good. I have Falcon 4.0 with BMS installed but I haven't learned it. I turned it on last night to compare and SF2V modded looks incredible compared to BMS. Well done to the folks here for making SF2 look and feel great!
  5. @mue, I looked for the viewlist.ini in the user and root game folder without finding it. Do you know where it typically lives? While digging around in the config files, I saw info about multiplayer. Did that ever get off the ground?
  6. Thanks for checking, @ragnarokryan! I'm just finding out how many devs are on this forum. That's awesome! And thanks, @mue! I'll have to decide if I like the realism or want more view freedom to get used to jets.
  7. It's looking like a no unless there is a flight recorder in SF2.
  8. I like that. It will take me some time to get used to it. There are some beautiful mods here. Much respect to the community for their work on this game!
  9. Bought it. :D So much learning to do now. OpenTrack worked with no issues. One thing I noticed from a quick flight was the inability to see completely back to your six, at least in the F4. Is that intentional, as you're strapped in with all the gear keeping you from getting all the way around?
  10. Thanks for the replies! I think I'll give it a go. Does anyone know if SF2 works with TacView?
  11. Hello! I'm looking at purchasing SF2 Vietnam. I haven't played any of the Strike Fighters series. I'm coming from the IL2 sims (BoS, CoD, 1946) most recently, Jane's before that, Comanche v. Hokum and several others. I'm wondering where SF fits with other sims in terms of realism, flight feel, etc. I'm not interested in a DCS level of complexity but I also don't want to play an arcade feel like War Thunder. Where does SF fit with other sims for realism? Does SF2 Vietnam run on Win10? I'm running a DelanClip with OpenTrack. Does anyone know how well SF2 interacts with that setup? Thanks a bunch for tolerating a noob asking so many questions. Best to all!

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