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  1. The TV in the A-10 is black? Is that all the time or even when you have MAV's loaded? The TV should be black as all it is, is a TV to show you what the Maverick head seeker sees
  2. Happy Birthday Fates

    Saw this at the bottom of the forum. Hope you have a happy 35th :)
  3. Gr2 Is Going To Be An Xbox Title

    Ghost Recon 2. I don't mind as long as they stick it on PC and keep the ability to mod it. I do hope they make better graphics and larger maps. I'd love to see some screens of it but doubt they have any released yet
  4. My room mate Lilly was in the Israeli Air Force as a plane tech. If he wants to make more IAF skins I'll try to see if she has any good pictures for you
  5. My Fav Tac/fps Games

    Yeah I like COD as well. I'm more into hardcore realism but COD single player is very intense. I don't like how they make you listen to the music. No way to turn it off. I have a easy fix for that if you'd like it. If you are just playing it and haven't gotten to the Russian part. You my friend have seen nothing yet. Climbing the banks of the Volga and charging Red Square. My god I still hear screams and MG42 fire in my sleep B)
  6. I didn't like XP. having to call microsoft to activate it really sucked. So I got Windows 2000 Pro. Works great. A lot of games coming out are pulling away from Win 98 and ME so it's good to upgrade now.
  7. My Fav Tac/fps Games

    I was wanting to do this before Christmas but I was really busy. Just wanted to let everybody know about some really great games. Some of which are older and can be picked up pretty cheap. I'll place the cost of the game at EB games in case you may want to pick it up. Delta Force Black Hawk Down $39.99 If you've played other Delta Force games you know what to expect. It's more of an FPS than a hard nose infantry sim that I prefer but still was good fun. It gives you a good idea of what modern urban warfare is like. Running around the cramped quarters reminded me very much of where I was in Israel. The engamements are quick and close. It's a great action game and the expansion is coming out soon. Hidden & Dangerous 2 $49.99 This is a great WWII TAC Sim. The realism is as good as Operation Flashpoint. The game has some very intense moments. In one stage you have to defend an Oasis aginst a German Attack at night. I love this game. The only thing bad I have to say is that there is no multiplayer Coop mode. That is the only thing bad about this. It's a fantastic WWII single player game. There are so many ways to compelte the mission that it can keep you busy for a while. VietCong $39 This game is great. It really makes you feel like you are in the jungle. The enemy is smart and at times almost invisible. The look of the terrian is some of the best I've ever seen in a war game. You even get to go into the tunnels. This game has it all when it comes to Vietnam foot soldiers. Realism, Tunnels, traps, and enemy that appear out of nowhere. There is also a mission pack coming out soon. I wish this game were more popular as it's a very good game. Some budget Games to pick up Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell $29.99 This game is great. The graphics are awesome. It's a stealth/spy game. I usually prefer war games but this one still holds my interest almost a year after I bought it. I played Metal Gear Solid but Splinter Cell blows that out of the water for me. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Gold Edition $29.99 Another Classic. I love this game and can't wait for GR2. The Gold Edition comes with both mission packs and the mod community has a ton of mods for the game. This is my second favorite game of all time. Highly Recommend it Operation Flashpoint Game of the Year Edition $26.88 The mother of all First Person Tac sims. This is my favorite game of all time. The GOTY comes with both add-ons. The mods for this game are top notch as well. This is the best first person tactical game I've played. It is the closest you'll come to being in actual modern open warfare. The game is simply fantastic. If you don't have this game then go out right now and buy it. It's that good.
  8. Vietcong

    I have it. It's a good game. You really get an idea of what Jungle Warfare is like. You almost step on the enemy sometimes before they fire. If you have the money I'd say go ahead and pick it up. Not sure if there are any mods as I don't think they released the tools to do that. It's still a good game if your into tac games. In one mission you have to sneak into a VC camp to rescue a POW. One of the best playing moments I've had outside of Operation Flashpoint. I'd recommend it even though the MP part of it is not much to write home about. Usually there aren't many people playing. But if your looking for a really good Single Player TAC game. Go for it B) I would also recomend Hidden & Dangerous 2 for the WWII lover. No Co-Op but the SP part is awesome as well
  9. It's more a sim. You can try the demo at www.lo-mac.com I also would say to upgrade your windows. Win98 is hardly supported by mircosoft anymore. I use Windows 2000 and it runs great. So do yourself a favor and upgrade windows to Win 2k or at least XP. ;)
  10. I don't think they would be able to see it unless you sent them the skin file as well.
  11. Thanks for hosting it Neo :D
  12. You need to go into your lock on/config/view folder. You'll see a file named View.cfg Open that file in notepad. You'll see something that says MouseExternal = 0; change the 0 to a 1. save it. Make sure the file is saved as View.cfg and not View.cfg.txt Then start up lomac and it should work
  13. I don't think you can pull the fire extinguishers. At least I haven't found anybody that knows how to yet. I doubt that they modeled it but just left it in for realism sake. ECM failure is Electronic Counter Measure failure. Usually you'll only get this if your plane is actually hit by flak or a missile. In flight if you hit your E key you will turn on your ECM. It usually won't completely jam the enemy radar but it does help. If you'd like, PM me your email address and I will try to make some really easy training missions for you. Things like hitting targets with the MAV's.
  14. B-2 In Museum Dayton Ohio

    Not sure if they have another B1 there or not. When I was there it was parked outside and they were getting ready to move it to Texas or something like that. I have some pictures of it I could send you if you'd like. They now have 3 hangers. WWI+ WWII hanger. Modern Flight, and the Cold War hanger that even has a Mig-29 and SR-71 in it. I haven't been there since early Spring. I'm hoping to go back soon and take a lot of pictures :)
  15. B-2 In Museum Dayton Ohio

    Yeah Fates is correct. I talked to an Air Force guy at the USAF museum once. They were still finishing the cold war hanger then and they were moving in aircraft. I asked him how come a lot of newer planes where there. The F-22, F-117, B1 that was parked outside etc.. He said that usually the planes that are there either have serious structure damage or something that prohibits it from flying or being used in the military. He was even nice enough to show me the C-130 that they were moving in. When he shined his light on it you could see a noticeable crack that ran most of the entire underside of the fuselage. The B1 that was parked outside was actually trucked to a different museum So there really isn't much else to do with them. Might as well give the people that paid for it a chance to see it :)

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