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  1. Some free time has allowed me to catch up the month and a half I had left due of my pilot. Here's a quick report. Leutnant Ailbe Blaz Dziarzowitz FA5Lb (FFA5) Aviatik C.I Haubourdin, France 46 missions 38,03 hours 2 claims (a Nieuport, a single seater pusher scout), 0 confirmed
  2. Out of the loop...

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Trooper, glad to have you back :)
  3. I guess it's worth a shot...I'll backup the pilots and try then.
  4. BB, Confirmed that I'm using historical weather.
  5. Honestly, I'm not sure what's going on. I had heard that between 24-26 March 1916 weather was absolutely terrible, but is it supposed to go on for over a week? I've currently been checking, out of curiosity, how much the cancelled flights would go on, and I've reached 31st March by now. What worries me is that there's notifications that other pilots did fly their missions instead. Is my file corrupted or something?
  6. epower, as Raine said 1.21 has changed early-war frequency quite a bit. Tested this with another pilot too flying in RFC-24, currently in England in October 1915 preparing to get deployed. After a mission time skips from 1 to 4 days as far as I've experienced, although it may vary for I haven't made that many tests with it-
  7. pray remind me

    Genuinely not sure. It was one of the keybinds I just figured on my own and I have never checked. EDIT: Just saw BB's response. There you go!
  8. Technical question - Since after the update time automatically skips at every 2nd day after a sortie. Should we stick with it or do something else?
  9. pray remind me

    I'm pretty unsure how to help you, Gaw. Maybe Pol or WM may be able to shed some light on this rather curious problem.
  10. pray remind me

    Well, then you should just be able to bind it to said function, if I remember correctly. If you don't have any particular keybinds you can just reset all binding with one of the buttons on the top right corner. That should fix it.
  11. pray remind me

    Sounds extremely weird - Always been the key to pull it up and down. Might want to check the program WOFFKeys and see if it's somehow switched with something else.
  12. pray remind me

    It's Z!
  13. Perishable skill

    Trees...Eh? Them and fences are a staple of WOFF, you don't get the full experience without them!
  14. Perishable skill

    If that doesn't work...You still have 2 seaters
  15. Albert, it's heartbreaking. You better get back up and running soon! For solidarity I'm not posting much either...Even if I keep up with the missions.

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