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  1. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    1st Flight: a rather uneventful first sortie for our pilot. Their job was to do a quick patrol of their front lines. They didn't meet any opposition, but he was sure he had seen Jasta 30 flying in the distance.
  2. Morane-Saulnier N?

    having it in WOFF could imply a first sight of the Hotchkiss in game
  3. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Beanie, I surely hope you'll get back to flying Covid free as soon as possible. Humbert will keep a couple of his kills in your honour
  4. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    That might be an idea. Haven't heard of martial court in game yet.
  5. Morane-Saulnier N?

    Baxter, I'm rather sure Rise of Flight has no Bullet in it. I know about the highly moddable FE2 though, so might give that one a shot.
  6. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    You sir can take the bother to ask the Germans everytime At least they can know who they'll lose beforehand, eh?
  7. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    J. "Guy" Humbert is ready with its bullet-fast Scout!
  8. Morane-Saulnier N?

    A rather successfull history Pol! I was ironic, I'd never get into this as I'm a total brick in this kind of things! All I can do is have a little hope that someday the Bullet will be a thing ;)
  9. Is FE2 Demo moddable?

    Thank you Stratos, S
  10. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    I would love it! Thanks
  11. Is FE2 Demo moddable?

    Apologies, I dont' know how to delete this! May some moderator do it for me? I don't want to spread out about pirated content.
  12. Is FE2 Demo moddable?

    Seems no trojan, but I'll delete it immediately as it's unofficial dogpoo. I'm gonna delete this post as well.
  13. Is FE2 Demo moddable?

    EDITED UNDER POSTER DESIRE This is the link. If it's unofficial content I'll immediately delete everything, including this post.
  14. Morane-Saulnier N?

    I may think about it in a couple of years given my learning speed
  15. Morane-Saulnier N?

    I'd do it myself if I knew anything about 3D modeling. And it doesn't sound like something you learn in a couple of weeks...

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