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  1. “Scramble ! Scramble!” Thrust and airborne! - Chevy Lead Target sighted, intercept in progress. Target intercepted, continue waypoint 5 and patrolling 1930 and we are RTB.
  2. I love it too much !! But, how do i fire the Magic missile? I can lock the enemy but can’t release it. Please advise
  3. Ive discover and eyeing your modifications on the AI behaviours recently ! And by the way, do you have any to share for an “essential tweak” for the AI? Ive only stumbled upon this one of yours https://combatace.com/forums/topic/70594-altering-ai-behaviour/?do=findComment&comment=552064
  4. Good god you’ve provided me with a lot of support. I thank you so much !!
  5. So i extract the CAT file into the mod folder? Then, leave it be? And the changes will take effect ? No need to compile it again into a whole Cat file? sorry im new here :,) yea im late to the party
  6. realSKY Environment

    Awesomeee modder awesomee modd! Thank you for the mod and support. It took me a hard time to read and understand the readme as non-native speaker. But that’s my problem alone. Thank you again !!
  7. Hahaha sure I will 😂 ah I understand. And by the way, how do people simulate air refuelling? I have seen it here; https://combatace.com/forums/topic/90788-air-to-air-refuelling-screenshots/ . It is interesting even though it just for that “feeling” and not an actual thing. Edit; they edit the mision it seems? Well i missed a lot of cool stuff in this game. Catching upp !!
  8. I thank you both so much for the responses ! And Oh I appreciate your (EricJ) TUDM skin for the Malaysian Hornet !!!! Will await for more awesomeness of yours
  9. So after did some reading, I learned that SF2 doesnt have refuelling rearming model yes? Should i be concerned over my wingman ? They always said “bingo” and stuff. I even RTB with them. Then what ?

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