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  1. Addons question

    Thank you all. First of all, I don't know when I bought the game. A long time ago is as close as I come to, and I just recently have "resucitate" it and started patching to the last patch. Thankyou for the game's link. The 99$ for the whole is tempting but excesive for my butget. I am retired by the way, so every expense counts. 40$ for a game falls within my budget so I'll probabblu do it. Are the games stand alone or should install over SF2? Thank you again ponssebastian
  2. Hi, I'm actually playing SF2, and I'd like to try The Israel campaign and some others as well. My question is first; where can I legally get them, and seccond; Do I install over my existing SF2 install, or are them standalone. And whatever one I choose, do I have to patch or use as it is. Any help will be apreciated. ponssebastian
  3. Thankyou EricJ, you are right. I won't tempt fate and go with what I have. As for 100$, being retired isn't hardly an option. And I have 2 last questions if I may: Would the game benefit from the use of NGlide? And last, where can I find the WWI mod? Thank you all ponssebastian
  4. I'm back. Problem solved, I think. A few minutes ago I opened the game and in the main screen I saw that there was a date; in my case Sep 2011, and it ocurred to me that perhaps there is an update somewhere... to make it short, I found several at the third wire site. Downloade and installed update. I don't know what the problem was but the update apparently "fixed" it. Tried a quick mission and bombs drop and rockets fire again. it is later now so tomorrow I'll try again. And being in the TW site I saw some others updates (I run now Oct 2011). Do Ikeep adding and trying or shall I count myself lucky and leave it at that...... Thank you for your patience ponssebas
  5. A quick update. I don't have a saved game folder and I figured that is because I haven't started playing yet. I've installed and deleted the game so many times that I didn't realize that I only played a quick mission every time, so I'll start again and report. I have to tell you that I did calibrate the joystick in Windows, and all buttons respond to input. I do have another sim that I started to play again. European Air War (this dates me!) and \I don't have controler issues. And yes, my computer runs win7 32 bit Hebrew verssion with english support, and in spite of the fact that I speak Hebrew fluently I still have some problems reading it, specially technical stuff because they translated everything and it is difficult sometimes to understand what a menu stans for...Oh well, we manage. And that is all for now. Shabbath is coming and I'll shut down till saturday evening.. Thank you for your help. ponssebastian
  6. Hi, to aanswer Yes, the aircraft is controllable. Flying stock Skyhawk not moded. Using keyboard commands don.t fire guns or deploy bombs and rockets. My version of the game is the Third Wire strait, not moded. Below is a grab of my installed files. Notice I don't have a Mod folder. ponssebastian
  7. Still not working. Update; Again uninstalled cleaned and reinstalled. Found out windos wouldnt see the controlled. Unpluged it, shut down the computer. Unpluged the controler. Waited 3 min. Plugged it in again. Booted the computer and checked that the comtrolled was seen by the computer. Checked the all the buttons work, installed the game and still doesn'twork. I can fly fine but guns bombs and rockets don;t fire, and here is what I have in the setup controler: Flight control Extreme 3D pro (1) x/y Rudder control Extreme 3D pro (1) z Keyboard Control Map Default costunize Nex air to air weapon Extreme 3D pro (1) 5 Next air to ground weapon Extreme 3D (1) 3 fire primary guns Extreme 3D (1) 0 Fire selected weapon Extreme 3D (1) 1 ================================================================================ The only thing I haven't done is rename the control ini as suggested because I haven't a clue where it might be, or where to look for it, I hope somebody points me to a solution. Thank you all ponssebastian
  8. Well. it didn't work. I've done the delete and install several times witn the same resoult. I'm begining to think there is something corrupt in the installed files, or something missing... If it is relevant, I did the uninstalling using Revo Uninstaller that also cleaned the registry for left over files. The game I have is by Third wire, on windows7 32 bit, and I was able to play with no problem some years ago. Does anybody have an idea of what the problem might be? Or where to look for errrors? Thank you all. ponssebastian
  9. Hi, thankyou. Guns fire with trigger and spacebar. I guess I'll delete the game and install it again. I'll post results tomorrow just in case somebody else whatches the thtrad/ ponssebastian
  10. hEllo. I'm new here. I have gone back many byears and started playing strike fighters 2. I am at the noment playing Burning Sans campaign on windows 7 32 bit and I can seem to be able to use bombs or rockets. I asigned button 2 on my extreme eD pro, it doesn't work. I've assinned the Enter key as recomended and still no joy. I did select bombs or rockets on flight, and I can see the stores under the plane. Anybody has any idea of what might be wrong? thank you in advance sebaspons

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