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  1. vaaf.com has been offline for over 6 months now but most of the active pilots can be found at www.vaaf.net At the moment things are pretty quite due to real world committments (and the xmas break, etc) however this is going to be changing fairly soon as several of us are really keen to get back into the virtual skies. We're always keen to have new people join in so feel free to come for a fly with us (this isnt restricted to Australian pilots either). In LOMAC our preference is A2G coops flying a mix of A-10s and SU-25/SU-25T however its always nice to have fighter escorts as well.
  2. there is one at http://562.50megs.com/LOMAC/index.htm It requires track packer to install it.
  3. I think i have to disagree with you almost completely. I've had my X-45 for about a year now and can't say i've had any of the problems you have mentioned. Sure it was a little stiff but a couple of small cable ties fixed that. I would have to say the worst part about the X-45 is the location of the rudder. Considering this stick is compared to the HOTAS Cougar and the CH Products throttle and fighter stick, I would have to say it's excellent for the price.
  4. Looking very nice. Its great to see people putting in some effort to make the game more enjoyable for everyone. P.S. If you use Alt + Print Scrn you wont have to crop the image. it will just take a screen shot of the active window
  5. FYI, Ironhand has redone the refuelling tutorial. http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=...606&m=873101531
  6. Ironhands tutorials are at http://flankertraining.com/lomac/LockOn.html They are great but the pre-patch tuts wont play the voice overs if you have installed the patch. I imagine he'll redo them at some stage.
  7. My performance was improved by a minimum of 10 fps. Im now getting an average of 35-40 fps. My specs are: Athlon XP 2000+ ASUS A7V333 Sapphire Radeon 256mb 9800XT 512mb PC2700
  8. ok, i decided to try once more to update my email address and this time (about the 6th or 7th) it worked.
  9. I've got the same problem. i've tried so many different things a couple of times each and still nothing. I eventually gave up and created a new account.
  10. The publisher was sort of between a rock and a hard place though. I remember months ago everyone was complaining that they have been working on the game too long and havent released it yet. There was lots of "i dont care if its buggy, i just want to play it" comments and a few "Release it as soon as its good enough" comments. There was a lot of pressure to release it even earlier. I think Ubi has balanced it quite well. Sure it has bugs, but in general its definitely playable and fun. If they were still working on it, instead of posts saying they shouldnt have released it with so many bugs, we would have a lot more posts complaining that its not released. At least this way, there are people who are happy.

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