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  1. :P Just so you guys know that I had success with ironhands mission! Yeah Baby! Made the connection on the 2nd attempt. All that IFR in Falcon 4 has helped I suppose. :D
  2. Thanks for all the responses. It's comforting to know that it's not something I did wrong with what was a pretty straight-forward install and patch. I guess I will wait also for the next patch that is supposed to correct any training errors that were caused due to the current patch iteration. Semper Fi!
  3. Have tried to locate the IFR training missions that are indicated in the enhanced manual to be in the "Advanced Training" section supposedly after the "Top Gun" section. They are nowhere to be found within my install. Any ideas where one might locate these training sessions? Thanks for any help. I got zip when I posed this question on the UBI Tech Support forum. <_<
  4. :P What a neat Christmas! I recieved my LOMAC manual today. I live in an area so rural that we don't even have a traffic signal in town, so I suppose those of you who live in a more populous environment should keep your eyes peeled. What a great manual 1 mine is #127 so I guess that puts me in the first "run". My congratulations to Nic , Mark Shepheard, and all those listed on "intro page v". Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and God's blessings during the New Year.
  5. Having been assisted numerous times by those in this sim community, with various "computer(sim)" related difficulties, I just wanted to publicly express my appreciation to those, and you know who you are, that are spending untold hours improving on this sim. SFP1 is a fun experience and has the potential to be one of those that retains a very loyal following over time as is the case with Falcon 4. For those who would be critical of SFP1 at this stage of it's "life", I would refer them back to the history of F4, since that is often one of the sims they compair SFP1 to. I have every confidence that TK is working hard behind the scenes to do what he can for this "Project". Most who complain cannot even "code" yet they throw their criticisms around at those who can. I will now leave my soapbox and continue to enjoy this sim and look forward to it's continued improvement by a bunch of talented and dedicated fans who know a good thing when they see it. Thanks for the opportunity to vent. Semper Fi! Chief
  6. I know this has been beat to death and I apologize for bringing it up once more. I did a research in the forums to find if a solution had been discovered but the only one I found was Dark Knight's Campaign1 ini. mod, that unfortunately does not solve the problem for me. Did I miss something or is this a "bug" that will have to await the Patch 2 treatment? I sure hate to fly an F-100 with an F-4 loadout and having a wingman with a nice camo'd F-4 off to my left. What a waste of Sparrows. :D Any help would be appreciated to resolve the issue. Thanks and Semper Fi!!
  7. Gotta' say that one of the things I like most about SF-P1 is the movement of the heads of the pilot and crew members. Is this something that can be duplicated in other flight sims or is it "hard-coded" into SF-P1 only ? It certainly adds to the immersion to look at your "wingy" and see him or her making sure that no-one puts the sneak on you. I know that real fighter jocks have their head on a swivel most of the time and to have them with their heads fixed straight forward all the time is not realistic. But it may be something that is not possible to add "after the fact"into any other sim. Just thought I would put the question to you wizards of modification and see if anyone else has any thoughts on the topic. Thanks and Semper Fi!! :)
  8. :D Would like to second that! Sometimes I feel like a dufus since I am not computer capable enough to return the favor that all the modders do for us. The talent pool out there is unbelievable! I just don't happen to be a part of it Semper Fi!!
  9. I couldn't get them to show at first, so I went back into the ParticleSystem.ini and looked at the entries I copied and paisted. What I noticed was that in the Emitter and Effects section, the entries I had added were mispelled (emiter as opposed to Emitter)and the word Emitter was not capitalised. When I corrected that, it worked and the craters show fine in the game. Hope this helps with your particular difficulty. Great add-on by the way. Helps the sim immensley.
  10. :P You are doing great work on the A-4's. You indicate you were not happy with the textures of the drop tanks. Well, ever since this sim came out I have had a problem with the profile of the drop tanks, primarily with the exagerated elongation of the nose of the tanks. In actuality they were more "blunt' than depicted in the sim. I guess it would take someone with modeling skills to accurately replicate the A-4's tanks. I have a print of the profile of the tanks if someones has the skill to modify the ones in the sim. Not sure how the profile that came out in the sim varies so much from the real tanks as I sent that data to TK while the sim was in development. Hey, I'm not complaining mind you. :D I am tickled to death that he included my VMA-121 Green Knights A-4's. Really enjoyed the time I spent on those birds. Take care and watch yor 6. Semper Fi!! Chief
  11. The new Range add-on is terrific. Not many things provide for most of the needs in this sim, but with the "Range", those of us who have difficulty using aircraft sans the newer electronic gizmos, this is a welcome addition.I salute those who put this together. As a 60yr old desk pilot who actually was in a Marine FJ and three different Marine A-4 squadrons, shouldn't be a surprise why I enjoy this sim so much. Never really appreciated the skill it takes to operate aircraft from that era. Thanks again!! Semper Fi! PS: I get my name (Chief) from my career as a firefighter, not my military time :D :D
  12. Beer You da man! Will take off and landings be possible with the SFP1 code? I know everyone is looking forward to the ability to perform carrier ops but I don't want to get my hopes up. For those of us who haven't a clue how to create the things you do sometime have expectations far beyond the ability of the sim we are utilizing. Thanks for all the effort. The carrier looks great now and with the objects on the flight deck it is simply icing on the cake. Semper Fi! Chief
  13. I too have removed CFS3 from my hard drive. I was really disappointed with it pre-patch and put it away, but re-installed and added the patch hoping I could somehow develope a liking for this sim. No joy! It is not anywhere near the "fun" as CFS2 is, and not even in the same "fun factor" ballpark with SFP1. I may be a little biased as I spent most of my USMC enlistment in "Scooter Squadrons" but I do know when I've been duped, and MS did that with CFS3.
  14. Have begun to have CTD when in Campaign mode mainly, after the patch. It also happens occxasionally in Single Missions. Not sure the causes as it is so random. I didn't have any of these CTD's prior to the patch. SFP1 ran rock solid. P4 2.8G 512 1066 RDRAM GForce4 128mb WinXP (Home)

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