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  1. Kfir Over Israel. SF2.

    I need some help, I have no sound for the 'KFIRs (all of them), I have ambient sounds even friendly and enemy aircrafts sounds.
  2. Well it worked, I just created the Terrains folder like you said and added the items like Wrench said in the readme. Thank you both for the help
  3. I was looking in the knowledge base about how to add new terrains since I want to add this one (see link below) but the readme on the file, let's say is not beginner friendly, any video or guide about adding terrains will be apreciated. I also downloaded this one because it was mentioned on the readme Thanks in advance
  4. whats the .cat file? I only have .bmp / .hfd / .jpg / .lod / .out / .shd / .tfd / .tga / .tod / .txt and some config options (they open up in notepad)
  5. well in my defense I dind't knew about the terrain folder that has to be created in the mod folder, base on that an how the aircrafts are added made me wonder if there was a special procedure in order to add it
  6. Super Etendard & Super Etendard (M) for SF2 by Foxmonter

    Does anyone knows how to use the Exocet?
  7. here is the problem, I like the A-6 want to use the ones in game to fly so i downloaded this: but don't know how to installed, keep in mind I have 2 weeks top of playing and discoveriing this game. thanks in advance My end goal is to be able to use the A-6 Superpack by HomeFries
  8. A-6E cockpit

    Does anyone know if this will work with the A-6 Superpack by HomeFries?
  9. Need Help

    it worked thanks for the help to everyone.
  10. I'll be quick and straight to the point y want to have all in a hdd even the mods so I whent to the options.ini and change the destination, but every time I lunch the game it creates a new file in saved games.
  11. Need Help

    I did this exactly, do I need to leave the other .ini file in the saved games folder?

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