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  1. If that's the case, then collect all the details from your sources and get that juicy tidbit of news on our front page! Awesome. If you need help posting it up there, lemme know and I can do it for you. Cheers!
  2. MJ, we need our own Top 25

    GameSpy's updated their little article with yet another page, which you can preview here. OMG... ghastly awful stuff. And you'll NEVER believe what earned a #12 spot. All the more reason for us to do this sim industry justice.
  3. Although you've been around for a while... welcome to the BioHaz forums! Glad to have another pilot aboard.
  4. LOL! Yep, Winamp is not a bad multi-media package after all. Cool! Glad it's working for ya. If you had an alpha of LockOn 1.1, and hid it from us, that would be ok. So long as you posted lots of cool screens and movies.
  5. Nesher! If you had links to them so far back, why not post em? Do you have any other goodies you're not sharing with us? Maybe an alpha release of LockOn 1.1 that we could try out here..... I guess you've already been to DivX to get the latest, right? If it's the Windows Media Player that's giving you problems, select to install the DivX player as well. Works pretty good.
  6. Once again, the Russian Forum comes through! Here are 2 videos displaying the collision dynamics. The first one is called "Collision" (lo-res or hi-res) and the second is called "Virtual Stunt" (lo-res or hi-res) Very impressive! Right-click to "Save As" then enjoy!
  7. MJ, we need our own Top 25

    Lemme just dodge a few tomatoes here I own a copy of Longbow and a few others. Hey! Would it be too dangerous to do a Top 25 all-time greatest sims? That would include Naval/Sub and maybe even Tactical? Too broad of scope? {SlickWili checks the broad out in the scope.} Might have to increase the count to 50 if we did that.
  8. Icehockey

    This morning on the radio I heard that the venues that would normally be hosting NHL games in the area have been served notice to go ahead and book other events (concerts, craft shows, etc.) there up until at least December. Ugh....
  9. Slugging through the rough translation of the Russian LockOn forum, I noticed the following lo-res and hi-res videos of Su-25T landings performed on a runway and an aircraft carrier. Right-click the links to "Save As" then, enjoy!
  10. MJ, we need our own Top 25

    Falcon should be on that list too. And (naturally) LOMAC / Flanker.
  11. MJ, we need our own Top 25

    Yeah, that's the catch-all, isn't it: "Flying Games" Heck, I've caught enough air hurdling a Marauder off the top of a parking garage and over a set of elevated train rails in Grand Theft Auto III to constitute it as a Flying Game. We'll have to be careful in how we word it. Will it be held strictly to winged birds, or to include helo sims? Hmm...
  12. IM NEW

    Welcome to BioHaz! It's a steep learning curve, but the game is absolutely beautiful presuming your hardware and tweaks support it. Have a look at the "sticky" posts at the top of this LOMAC section to get the readme, optimization hints, and so on. That will help when the time comes. Don't hesitate to post any questions, queries or comments you may have once you get your hands on the game. We've got a great community here. Cheers!
  13. Hmm... no response from Dagger yet? Does he know he won? I'll be more than happy to accept the award on his behalf.... *pffttt*
  14. MJ, we need our own Top 25

    Hear, hear! That's exactly what I was thinking when I posted the news item this AM. Some of their "selections" are just awful and I highly doubt the U.S. Air Force is backing this list 100%. My guess is that their sole purpose is to promote a recruiting campaign surrounding the article. Our community of real-life active and retired pilots and service men here would probably be more than happy to help us out with this one.
  15. Icehockey

    Dutchy, IMO, It is a sad state here. Toronto Maple Leafs fans are watching ZERO hockey right now. CBC is considering broadcasting some of the other league games starting this weekend, but I'm not sure how it will pan out. All the radio stations, regardless of music type, mention the lockout on a daily basis. The odd time, one of the players will speak out and mention how silly the whole situation is, only to be slapped back into submission by the NHLPA big-wigs. It doesn't look like anyone is going to budge on this issue anytime soon. I guess it's time to hawk the jerseys and sticks on eBay.

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