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  1. OT: Attention Fantasy RPG Fans

    First off I have to say I love the setting. I love Norse mythology and Vikings are my favourite warrior from all eras. This is the games biggest plus point for me. My thought are of someone who thought Oblivion was OK and was not duly excited about Skyrim and viewed it like any other new release. So I suppose you could say I'm unbiased and I'm looking at the game without rse coloured specticles on. One day somene will make combat actually rewarding. As an exploration game it looks lovely. As a sword weilding combat game it's just like all the others. The combat is pretty dire and mundane with little or no sword control, just mash your button. I do love the mountians and wintery feel. The overall gameplay and mechanics are average. The start I never got the exhilarating feel as mentioned above. I just though, a shame the NPC's still look the same with little or no improvement. I then found myself running after a few prople as a dragon attacked but it never felt scary and did feel scripted also I noticed alot of poor animations and physics modeling. Again though the enviroment does look excellent. It may hold my attention for a few hours but I see it destined to be uninstalled sooner rather than later. If you loved Oblivion you will love this game to. If your after something new and revolutionary then your still going to have to wait. If your expecting enhanced combat and more humanlike NPC's you will be dissapointed. Near the begining you see someone shot with an arrow. They then hit the floor and slide a hundred metres, this was the first big immersion killer, surely things like this should be fixed by now. Also why oh why did they set it in the cold wintery mountians and then not make it important to use fur lined armour\boots over iron armour. Especially when you start to go higher up. You should have a choice to make, wear the iron armour with greater protection but slowly your movements slow down as the armour freezes or put on the furs with less protection but you don't freeze. I was running around in a blizzard with iron armour and boots I then thought hey lets play realistically so put on some fur armour, which was sleeveless! If details like this had been in place I would have been impressed. So if your a fan of the series you'll love it, it's an evolution of Oblivion. If you thought Oblivion was OK but gave up on it your probably in for more of the same, not enough has changed to make it revolutionary and certain eleents haven't really been touched like combat (except the two handed thing) and NPC quality both animations\reactions and looks. Finally and this is probably saying more about me going off the RPG genre in general I bought a second hand Silent Hunter 5, I downloaded lots of mods and though I do have to save often due to CTD's I find it far more immersive and time does dissapear playing it. I owned three and four but never played 4 much due to it being the Pacific. Both those games have issues with widescreen monitors if they didn't I'd be playing 3 still now with the GWX mod. So I'm currently either flying over the West front or searching the North Sea for prey. Skyrim has taken a back seat. luckly I didn't have to buy it as someone I knew bought two copies by mistake.
  2. OT: Attention Fantasy RPG Fans

    I loved fantasy books when I was a kid and D&D etc etc. I also enjoyed the Baldurs Gate games when they came out. However I don't know if it's age or the actaul games but no new fantasy games have peaked my interest at all. Oblivion I was bored after a few hours, same with the Witcher 2 once I went to the Dwarf place. Dragon Age 1 the same aswell. Everything I've seen of Skyrim so far seems pretty much like all the others. I just don't get the massive hype and excitement over it. Same thing with the Star Wars MMO, to me it looks downright awful. I know graphics aren't everything but I'd never pay a subscription for a game anyway. Sadly when a game hits both the Console and PC market you knwo it's mainly aimed at console players. Which in turn implies that the depth we used to get in our RPG games years ago has been wiped away for the no attention span generation. I hope it hits everyones expectations though going by releases these days it is a fingers crossed one I think. It seems the only game thats really lived upto the mark thats been released recently is the new Batman game. Which hits our trusty Rigs later this month.
  3. Yeah my link was for 64bit Windows only I think. All you have to do is direct it to the exe then click a box and done.
  4. CFS3 and Windows 7

    I also never had a problem with Win7 either 32bit or 64bit. So it can't be that to be honest. It has to lie somewhere else and particular to your rig.
  5. OT Who'd be a parent?

    sorry double post.
  6. OT Who'd be a parent?

    Lots of probelms with my daughters Mum. Mental health issue and she has Aspergers and Freja also shows signs of being "special". So, though she gets told off a fair bit, we have a great relastionship. We are like to best friends. Which in Frejas case really works. She needs that sort of connection. We have exactly the same interests (well she loves gaming). I'm still her Dad but also her Mum and best mate all rolled into one! She is highley intelligent, very mature for her age and a very funny.
  7. It must have been just bad luck that everytime I went to get it you had just put up a new version! Have it now. Will try it out tomorrow! Thansk mate.
  8. Still can't find it. The latest mod I see is the weight mod. Very strange. Oh well looks like it's a no go for me.
  9. OT Who'd be a parent?

    I'm a single parent of a 10 year old girl. Can be tough but we get on like a hosue on fire. I have hit her (obviously not punch but slap behind) twice when she was younger and I regret it ever since. It's hard work but also the best thing I will ever do.
  10. Not sure if it's the same thing but if so this is a more streamilned version. http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/showthread.php?t=112556
  11. The lnks don't work and the mod is nowhere to be seen.
  12. I get an error saying the file isn't there when I go to the link from a forum thread.
  13. Please Help!

    Yeah I tried everything. They know there is a problem with their installer with some Win 7 64bit installations. What I had to do is get a zipped copy of someones TrackIR 5 directory. Then I placed it in the default location, I then went to device manager and clicked on unkown device (have the track ir alreayd connected) and then browsed my computer for drivers, I went to the track IR directory and found the drivers in the driver folder, clicked on them and viola a working track IR. The problem happens if you goto to install the software at about 3% it crashes saying it has some kind of error. I can't remember what it says exactly. So you just can't install the thing period. Without someones zipped directory (who also must have Win 7 64 bti) If anyone needs the zipped directory give me a shout it's on my hard drive. I will email it to you.
  14. Please Help!

    Well got it sorted. Going to try it out on OFF later. I have had it uninstalled since I had top reinstall windows and was going to wait until Phase 4. However now I have this set up I shall be tryng it out on OFF tomorrow.
  15. Please Help!

    Thanks mate but it's not the exe that I need as the installer they use doesn't work with some Win 7 64bit installations. What I need is your track IR directory zipped up and sent to me. Thanks anyway

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