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  1. Any hope of getting the proper RWR (SPO-15) in cockpit like on the TMF MiG-29 or the old analog SPO-10 from the MiG-21 cockpits? Just so we can get the sense of direction for the threat... Btw Awesome work!!!! Cheers, Fox
  2. Somali Pirates Attack USN Ship

    Hey I think this guys were outgunned a bit, but just a bit.... http://www.reuters.com/article/worldNews/i...E51C2QZ20090213 Cheers, Fox
  3. hey, It takes a bit more then that since you need to make the old HUD invisible trough alpha layers and also adjust the eye point a bit, but it can be done to look dissent that way. I made such a Frankenstein F-16C cockpit while ago...but never uploaded it For the SMS system its a whole another league and it would take lot more time to make. In the end I think the generally that the whole F-16C it due for rebuild. Cheers, Fox
  4. Here are some tips: 1. Don't use Alt+N, it will just get you to the "no escape zone" in sec. If you are in a hurry use Alt+T... 2. Engage on the outer range of the AIM-7. When they fire, hit chaff, make a 180* degree turn (Split-S recommended) and hit the Afterburner. MiG-29's power-to-weight and ability to sustain speed in the turn will allow you escape out the range of almost any missile including AIM-120 with ease. 3. If flying the MiG-29C use the Jammer only once they fire the missile and use it for a short time (5-10 sec), if you brake the lock you are home free! 4.Use TWS to keep the situational awareness at all time, pick a target wisely and switch to STT only when you are in the range of the R-27r 5. Don't rush in!!! Don't be in a hurry to lunch your missiles, you will be in a much better position later when they use up their BVR's and you can use yours at will 4. And the most important, Pick a place and pick a fight! odds of 4+ to 1 are never going to get you home! Hope this tips help..... TMF MiG-29 ROCKS!!!!!!

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