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  1. Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk for SF2

  2. Su-9 Fishpot-B cockpit (for TW DLC model)

    Really an incredible job. Well done!
  3. Archipelago v1.0

    This is a great terrain and a fantastic idea, thanks for making it!
  4. Thunder Over Michigan

    Some photos from Thunder Over Michigan (click for big): The Mustangs were out in force. This is a P-51B with a pretty distinctive Spitfire-style canopy. The -D model with bubble canopy. Probably my favorite nose art of all time. B-25 Mitchell. And right next to Briefing Time was this B-25, Georgie's Gal. There were also 6 Skyraiders there, but I'm bad with my Skyraider variants so I couldn't tell you which variant this one was. An F-100F Super Sabre was also there; I hadn't seen one before, so that was pretty cool. EDIT: A Skyhawk was there, as well. I got a decent video of a low pass.
  5. Gonna re-up my sub right now. I've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of CA, so it's the least I can do to give back.
  6. Interesting! It's good to know the source of the issue - thanks for the input, everyone!
  7. Oh, absolutely. I love the Vipers, no doubt. I was just curious as to whether there was a fix or not; since it seems to be an issue with the internal workings of the game itself, I'll just live with it!
  8. Haha, I wish I could say that it was an accurate representation of the FBW system, but unfortunately it isn't. I have this issue with nearly all of the C-model Vipers - I took a short video to show what's happening. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvVjSENopjE
  9. I know I've seen references to this problem before and it's driving me crazy that none of my search terms are working. In any case, I am using a Full 5 Merged with Expansion Pack 1&2 install on the July 2012 patch level. When using the IAF Vipers (A & C, have not tested with the I), the AI planes have a control surface "flutter" during sub-sonic flight (typically between 400kts - 0.99 mach) - this is occurring on the normal flight model. To be specific, the flaperons and elevators rapidly "flutter" up and down during flight on the AI planes - my plane does not do this. Does anyone have a hint as to what needs to be modified to fix this?
  10. TK confirmed the behavior was as designed, pointing out that using the easy flight model, the aircraft goes where you point the nose instead of using any sort of angle of attack. Makes sense then and I'm kind of annoyed I overlooked the flight modeling difference and automatically assumed it was a bug. Silly me.
  11. Setting the flight model to Normal resolves the issue, so I guess it's simply a matter of being messed up with the Easy flight model. Oh well! I can deal with it, not a huge issue.
  12. I posted this over at the TW forums as well, but I thought I'd post it here to see if anyone had seen the same thing. Since the release of SF2:NA, it seems the player aircraft and the AI aircraft fly at a different angle of attack. I'm using a merged install of all SF2 titles and expansion packs patched to May 2012. This occurs with all aircraft, both stock ThirdWire birds and third-party aircraft. I have the difficulty settings at "customized", with everything but the flight model set on Normal. The flight modelling is set to "Easy". I've attached an example of the issue, using the stock F-100D. As you can see from the above images, the angle of attack on my wingman's plane is clearly higher than mine. This is with the wing leveler engaged and holding a steady altitude, so it isn't mistaken for climbing or anything like that. This is reproducible very easily for me (pick a plane and fly). I was curious as to whether this was a known issue or had been reported? I'm assuming this has something to do with the AoA of the taildragger planes, too - a possible side effect from the fixes to those?
  13. Bradley Beats Pacquiao!

    I guess the Celtics losing affected him more than he thought!
  14. That's a great link, thanks. I was a little disappointed when the early pages were full of bandwidth overruns, but the thread gets good real quick.
  15. I don't know enough about campaign editing yet to determine whether there's anything wrong with yours, haha. I was surprised enough that I got the carriers to work in mine! My ultimate goal is to make a late 80s campaign using the Desert terrain; USAF, USN, USMC with their respective aircraft and such. The only problem is that the Desert campaign files are constructed differently from the other campaigns - instead of listing each air unit directly, because there are so many air units, each faction uses a base aircraft and then lets the game determine which squadron you fly for. It's a lot of text editing!

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