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  1. That's just how the J-79-8 looks. We're just more familiar with how the -10 looks. The Blues flew an odd version of the F-4J. Check it out. http://thanlont.blogspot.com/2017/05/the-short-tragic-operation-of-f-4.html
  2. Am I the only one who seems to get better with guns when they're at least tipsy? I was shocked to see that not only did I down six planes in 1962 with an F-104C(61) but I had enough fuel to get home. I was completely plowed when I flew the mission, so I wonder if I just chill and relax and that makes me shoot straighter. Good thing there's no DUI for flight sims!
  3. I just discovered that the specified avionics.ini has to actually be in the folder with the rest of it. DUR! Don't know how I managed to change the entry from the A-6A to A-6B, but I did. Lost my CCIP and radar because of it. All better now! In the process of trying to figure out where my CCIP went, I finally figured out what needed to be copy-pasted to add it to the F-111's I got from here. Win win!
  4. I tried to keep mine simple, so just mounts for the HOTAS on a board I can move under the desk.
  5. I'm still in it! Missions out over Berlin suck because the F-100D just doesn't carry enough gas to play for long. Have to just shoot and scoot.
  6. New pilot! Red Tide flying an F-100D from Wiesbaden-Erbenheim with the 509th Fighter-Bomber Squadron.
  7. Hauptmann Winter ist todt. Got high and slow around an SA-6 battery and didn't have the umpf to dodge it.
  8. I am still in it! Even if I don't have much time to play in the past few months. This is several missions since last update. On the way back from strafing some fuel tanks (and other things at that airbase) Got a runway... and the fuel tanks and two parked An-2BP and two MiG-21PFM that tried to intercept us.
  9. Here's my end of day pilot record. And some random screen shots of today's four missions. Escort Tactical Recon Same CAS as above. I didn't take any screenies of the SEAD mission where there was no primary target AAA to attack.
  10. Since this pilot was just a POW at the end of Red Thunder, I recycled him into Red Hammer. Not dead yet! Still using a Luftwaffe F-104G, this time with JBG 36.
  11. I've watched lots and lots of F-15 footage and the nose doesn't come up until the control surfaces move is why I complain.
  12. Why do some planes start pulling their noses up as you get close to take-off speed and others don't? Can it be fixed? It's a real irritant when landing because you need to put nose down stick to correct it and keep from lifting off again.

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