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  1. What are the weapons mods available and which one is the most realistic? Thanks in advance :ph34r: Semper Fi
  2. sounds great...cant wait till i get high speed internet... :P Semper Fi
  3. Grandmother Has Passed

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother....i just lost mine a few weeks ago...she had alzheimers and dimensia her last couple of years and the last couple of times she didnt recognize me...its hard to lose them but their in a better place now... Semper Fi
  4. Sombody Lend Me A Dollar

    Lol wow that would be great..i work near those things almost everyday....amazing how loud those frigging things are!!!:-D
  5. My Favourite Writer

    One of my favorite books has to be Arc Light by Eric L. Harry...very good read...read it in 2-3 days...but red storm rising was very good...read that in a couple of days too..:) Semper Fi
  6. Thanks for the info...good to see the f-15 will be more effective.. :) ...and to see that i should be able to zoom with my x-45 again :D Semper Fi

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