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  1. To all the Brave Men/Women behind the machines..
  2. I use Decimate in tools for reducing mesh / poly numbers or percentage in blender. is this the same way to make Lod001 so on smaller too, right?
  3. Forrestal class aircraft carrier

    Tested and Approved!
  4. You got sharp eyes.. the Base Model is from MW3 ( so it says from someone who port and share it in D.A. I'm not A game ripper or porter anyway), some parts the models itself has been rebuilt, primary rotor and blades (original model maybe using Uh-1Y parts or something). Piece by Piece, I'm gonna scratch again using available blueprint and my plastic model kit as sources.. for now I need to learn how to convert 3D works to lod, and understand how data works. (That's by meaning "School Project" ) If this post break any rules, feel free to remove it, I understand enough not to share any Piracy or uncredited (if permission granted) stuff here.. (P.s. not to kiss someone backside here, but Mr. @yakarov79, I'm look up to your works, Love all your rotary birds, they are inspires me to learn.. I haven't thank you enough for that)
  5. How I fell right now.. (Do someone willing to share, if there's any CH-46 AircraftData.ini? It's for my 4TB "School Project")
  6. Scouting for Boys.. (USAAF Air Liaison SQ, 1945)
  7. Same with some friends above, I'm a Scale Modeler who likes Vietnam War subject, love sim and FPS games, and then Wings Over Vietnam brought me deep in this tar pit, and I don't wanna get out.. Why? - Wide range of downloadable mods (thanks all kind modders here!) -(maybe) The only game I know that we could fly Pre-Historic Velociraptor to F-22 Raptor.. -This game becomes more like sandbox to me.. (thanks to Blender, and Mue's toolbox) -This game are tolerable with my 90's Casio Scientific Calculator Processor laptop.. -And Lads round here are more kind and feels like family than my own brother.. (wait.. ah.. I'm the only son..)
  8. SF2 F3D-2/EF-10B Skyknight by Coyote Aerospace

    Thanks! Been waiting for this..
  9. Been on hiatus a few weeks earlier, but not a single days without logging-in and check out what's goin' round here.. For me, for now, this forums just like "Hotel California" for me.. All thanks to you all... Wish we all have lovely, healthy and prosper life in 2024!
  10. F-CK-1 Ching-Kuo

    What the F-CK1 Finally, she's here.. the People Power Plane! Thanks for everyone involved and may this CA Country last for 1000 years!
  11. Glad if I can help.. I'm just learning 3D myself. Black appearances is texture material.. if Object-Material-Texture doesn't match, the skin wont appear in game.

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