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  1. Hello everyone, If you have Combined Arms module, AND you are interrested in a Anti submarine Mission using S-3 Viking ; you might want to take a look at my mission here ; https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/288080-submarine-hunt-missionmini-game/ But to get that picture, you will have to find it and successfully attack it. Have a good one...
  2. :) hi everybody.. I am truly sory if i did not post in the right folder but I was not sure... OKAY ; I have a fully merge install with most of the MUST HAVE PACKS and it generally works fine... 2 Problems thow ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Strangely, when I modify the AH1 skyraider OR the A6A OR A6E *.ini files, for SF2NA when the game launches, it removes my : (eg) A6.ini file and replace it by a basic one so my mod disapears !! (the cockpit_data_file line goes away and thus the aircraft does not show in the game anymore because no cockpit !) SOLUTION FOR ME ; make the file a READ ONLY, then SF2NA program cannot modify it and the aircraft shoes in the game :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2) I WANT TO FLY A6E.. in SF2NA full merged It took me a lot of tweaks to fly the A6 superpack found in the download section... but now, I have the thing flying with decent cockpit.. I even was able to have radar working ! BUT THE DAMNED FUEL NEEDLE JUST DOES NOT MOVE AT ALL ! ANY ADVICE ? HELP PLEASE ! 8\ I have this in the cockpit data file ; [FuelIndicator] Type=INETERNAL_FUEL_QUANTITY_INDICATOR NodeName=needle_fuel_quality MovementType=ROTATION_Z ValueUnit=LB Set[01].Position=0.0 Set[01].Value=0.0 Set[02].Position=270.0 Set[02].Value=10000.0 I tried to replace the NodeName by almost every thing I could find in other aircrafts... NO JOY :( I am using everything I could find about the A6 for SF2 in the download section.. but so far ; NO FUEL NEEDLE MOVEMENT ! AT THIS POINT, IT BECOMES AN OBSESSION, which is stupid, because from what I understand, with no external fuel, the A6 has more than 5 hours fuel autonomy.. ! so, basically, I could say, I dont give a sh** about the fuel, but it feels nice to look at the gauge descending, and pretend I worry about fuel... GRRRRR !
  3. :) thks for so quick a reply !!! I thought of rotation Z/Y as well... but replacing the Z by Y removes the needle completely... I have made a mix of the old file for sf1 : A6 FOTI cockpit files and the A6E and it works Now :) But after all, thinking about it... I think it might have worked since the beginning ! Maybe I was not patient enough to see the needle going down... :/ I am not sure anymore, because it has been several hours of tweaking those damn files, Anyways, now it works.. thks again for suggestion...
  4. HELLO EVERY ONE :) I dont know if anyone ever had this pb ; I have an acer laptop (good cpu, very powerfull) with realtek audio card recent CPU windows 7... When I play SF2, the game freezes for about one second when it has to play a pilot audio message (not all of them curiously) (WHICH MAKES ANY SIM UNPLAYABLE OF COURSE) I tried administrator or not and the game is installed on the desktop... For the moment, the only SOLUTION I found was to RE-INSTALL THE GAME completely EVERY TIME I RESTART THE COMPUTER.. And it works !, the game does not freeze anymore, and all the audio messages come without a glitch (fortunately it keeps the Mods, so, the only thing I need to bakup are the options.ini and controls (default.ini)) I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM FOR IL2FB 1946 and there, no solution (I did not want to re-install and risk losing all the mods) I would be interrested to know if anyone encountered this PB, and share solutions... :( (Never had this PB with other games on this computer, CALL OF DUTY 2 / RISE OF FLIGHT (normal, no audio message) / ASSASSIN's CREED / TOMB RAIDER etc...) So the problem is showing only on those sims (which are my favorite programs of course 8/) (It happend during an approach on a carrier with a corsair in IL2 1946 it froze to receive a wingman message, when the game got alive again, I was crashed (ramp strike) AAARRRHHHHHGGG IT MAKES ME MAAAAAAD :( )
  5. All Right, I have no slider for the sound in directxdiag.exe (in fact, no controls whatsoever for any of the tabs) If I de activate the HD audiotek driver, I have no sound at all But I asked to use previous driver and it switches to Windows driver AND IT WORKS !!!! Ok, I tried only once SF2 but I am confident... Still have one or two mini glitch in IL2FB but acceptable, and nothing to do with what it was previously !!! Thanks a lot for your advices ! PROBLEM SOLVED ! (apparently) :yes:
  6. WOW !! Thanks a million time for answers, :) By the way, I am running direct x 10/11 I already tried disabling Firewall and antivirus, and reduce the account security, but no joy so far I am going to try those solutions of yours right away... Indeed I suspected realtek stuff but I had no Idea what to try :/ Will let you know about result... Thanks again for support :) Cheers
  7. Hello :) I Downloaded the latest version of KMD, and this new version (if properly installed following the README) will go take automatically the maps and so AND IT WORKS ! (The previous version was sending error message when trying to do mission building in SF2) Though I have to say that some of my old version missions when loaded in SF2Israel, dont show any armament avail for the aircraft.. But any, new mission designed with latest KMD work fine :) Hope it helps... cheers
  8. hello :) Sam's dont manoeuver as well as a fighter because they go very fast.. DONT FLY STRAIGHT AND LEVEL BECAUSE IT MAKES YOU THE BEST TARGET EVER.. :( If you fly very low and can dispense chaffs then you get a chance to survive... If you are flying high, you must change your tragectory so that it is perpendicular to the sam trajectory i.e. it should be on your side.. (left or right) NEVER FLY WITH THE SAM BEHIND YOU OR IN FRONT OF YOU AT THE SAME LEVEL (at least, change level to force it to manoeuver) (making a hard descent does the trick for the old technology sam's) RULE OF GOLD ; IF YOU SEE THE SAM MOVING IT IS BECAUSE IT IS NOT POINTING AT YOU (good news) ;) IF THE SAM LOOKS LIKE IT IS NOT MOVING ; IT IS POINTING AT YOU (BAD NEWS, HARD MANOEUVER REQUIRED) You will fing hundreds of methods.. this is just one... But with the new tech sams or missiles, well... ECM AND chaffs release AND manoeuver might not be enough....
  9. hi all :) I'm probably too dumb, but I could not find the download link for this "very appealing" mod vietnam enhanced sf2 Where is it ? Does it exit anymore at all ? cheers....

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