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  1. Fritz Rumey D.Va Jasta 5

  2. Reported stuttering issue on ThirdWire site. Here's the link: http://bbs.thirdwire.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=6933&start=88
  3. I definitely will, but I want to do some more analysis first (defrag drives, check directx 10 version, etc) so I have more to report. Just wanted to add my 2 cents to the stuttering issue comments on this thread :)
  4. Just DLed SF2I today and I have the same stuttering issues. Also own SF2V and SF2E and no issues there. The big diff with SFI2 would be DX10, I guess? My laptop specs: Vista Home Premium, 64 bit, SP2 Asus Notebook, G50V-A1 Intel Core 2 Duo T9400, 2.53 ghz, Factory OCed to 2.8 4 gig RAM NVidia 9700M GT, 512 meg, 186.81 driver
  5. Is this a campaign that you started before the latest patch? Just wondering, because I had a WOI campaign that I started before the Aug/Sep patch, and when I resumed the campaign I didn't see any targets on my next mission, which happened to be a CAS. Starting a new campaign took care of the issue for me. DV
  6. NHancer Settings ?

    I use it for both WOI and First eagles. Here's my settings: AA: 4X AF: 4X Video looks great and performance is still good at these settings. My system: Dell 8400 Pentium 4 - 3.2 ghz 2 gig main memory XFX Nvida 7600GT - 256 meg
  7. Unusual Damage

    Hi, Captured these screen shots (attached) of my crash landing after an intercept mission. Manage to shoot down 2 Fe5 bomber's but the second one chopped off my prop and I was forced to land! DV
  8. hanriot hd.1

    Thnx EmlD, that did the trick! DV
  9. hanriot hd.1

    The new plane and skins look great, but I'm not getting any engine sound. I extracted the plane folder objects/aircraft...is there anything else that I have to do to get the engine sound to work? Thnx! DV
  10. Slow pan speed of snap views?

    I changed MaxSpeed=100.0 under the [ViewClass002] section and it slows down the pan speed just right. Thnx for the tip, Czech6! DV
  11. Hi all, Is there a way to make the snap views pan slower? As I snap to another view, I'd like the pan speed to slow down a bit, similar to IL2. Any .ini settings to do this? Thnx! DV

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