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  1. LOMAC 1.02

    Most of the F keys are various views. Check your difficulty settings- if externals views are not turned on- those keys will not respond.
  2. Sounds like you are trying to load older .dat files when you need to use the newer .pro files. Definitely the case if you are on Vista.
  3. In your Lock on installation folder go here C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\Config\graphics and make changes as follows: DisplayMode { resolution = {1680, 1050}; (or whatever YOUR resolution will be) bpp = 32; fullscreen = 1; aspect = 1.6 (1680 / 1050 = 1.6) Interface { resolution = {1680, 1050}; bpp = 32; fullscreen = 1; aspect = 1.6; } Simulation { resolution = {1680, 1050}; bpp = 32; fullscreen = 1; aspect = 1.6; } AVI { resolution = {640, 480}; fullscreen = 0; aspect = 1.6; } IMPORTANT!!- The aspect ratio will revert back to 1.333333 EVERYTIME you make a change in LOMAC's option menu.
  4. You need to post your complete system specs. But I can guess that you don't have a video card on your machine, which means- quite simply- you're screwed.
  5. Questions ..

    Yes- but not without exiting the mission. Yes- But I can't type all that out here/ now. I'm at work.
  6. New member

    howdee. http://www.freewebs.com/konkussion/
  7. Which servers? Ubi.com lobby? If so- can't help you. Never used it. Total waste of time compared to hyperlobby. Either way there are several things that will prevent you from connection. You will find most of the answeres here: http://konkussion.proboards60.com/index.cgi?board=lomac
  8. THIS is what I remember reading about re: Button 33/ 34 from ED forums: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=26...light=saitek+34 The solution is nothing new, and as Rugg stated previously: Always use the SST for buttons. LoMAC input menus are for axis mapping only.
  9. Select your X52 stick and flip the switch to buttons. But I know what he meant. There is no "keyboard" position on that switch. But to avoid a potential mix up- let me clarify. If you were to select keyboard from the pull down menu and clear the commands- you'd be wiping off all of LOMAC's assignments. Zwicky- when you posted on my forum about this- had you aready run through the instructions on my hardware setup page? http://www.freewebs.com/konkussion/flighth...resetuppage.htm
  10. I'm with ya on the manual- mediocre at best. But ya gotta put all that crap somewhere, and most of us use a HOTAS, anyway.
  11. Click sig. Purchased Fighterstick & Pro Throttle from www.provantage.com Pro Pedals were a gift from ....somewhere. Had those first- completed my kit after getting sick of replacing Saiteks
  12. LMAO.. man If I'd seen this earlier- I wouldn't be speechless..
  13. Good news- Naturalpoint has dropped prices on the Track IR substantially. The TIR4-pro was $179 and if you wanted the Pro clip- another $39 Now both can be picked up for $150!!! Bad News- As of August 1st- Kon Air's $20 off coupon is no longer valid, as are most of the affiliate discount programs. I'll be removing the banners & links from my signature, help desk, and the site shortly. No I do not work for NP, nor am I paid to promote them. But I wouldn't turn em down if they offered.
  14. http://konkussion.proboards60.com/index.cg...ay&thread=6
  15. "Keyboard" is simply the default device in that list. It is not the selected/ active device. If your stick appears in that list- than LOMAC sees it. You can configure it and use it. http://konkussion.proboards60.com/index.cgi

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