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  1. Hi all, just my contribution to the new released SF2NA, hope you like them...greetings
  2. Greetings to all...just a few SF2-shots from the desert (slightly edited), hope you like them and i wish all a happy new year...
  3. Hi all, just wanted to show my latest screenshots of Strike Fighters 2:Isreal, hope you like them.greetings...love the new shaders!
  4. you can force vsync off by making a game profile via ati tray tools, it´s the only solution i know so far, greetings
  5. or better this one if you like the huns :-)... sorry i´m in screenshot fever
  6. maybe this convinces you!!!!!!!
  7. thanks for the kind words, what about this one:
  8. hi all....new screenshot after a long time, love the thirdwire series, hope you like it
  9. just want to say hi and give you a solution for the message display, but you need the cat extractor( if you own sf2 i´m not shure if its working) here you go: open the flightdata.cat inside your Flight folder using the cat extractor; inside extract the messagesystem.ini and then change it like this--> [MessageSystem] MaxMessages=1 MessageTime=0.0 MessageFadeTime=0.0 hope it works, greetings ;-)

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