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  1. Nice new layout

    Like the new layout and color scheme very much . Keep up the good work Mad Jeff!
  2. Here you go. Good luck to all! Post #33
  3. LOMAC Manual Lottery!!

    Excellent! Good luck to all.
  4. LOMAC Manual Lottery!!

    Sounds great Madjeff. Keep up the good work!
  5. Hehe yes just when you think it's the best and final one. He will release something better. Zzzspace is a major contributor in the Lock On community. Thanks again!
  6. Many thanks for your hard work zzzspace. The release/drop sound when firing the ER missile is great!
  7. Excellent job zzzspace! I knew you were going to create another version :D . Keep them coming they are just getting better and better. Time to do some test runs :D
  8. Hehe no problem zzzspace. By the way I'm not sure if I told you before that I am using a sound blaster live that's about 4 yrs. old. I am using the new sound.cfg with the 50km sound bubble and I have no problems with it whatsoever. I even have the ACCELERATION to full (always have) and there's no crackling sound or problems like what people in the UBI forums posted (I didn't know you are also finiteless?). Yes I agree Lock On is great and that's why you should stick to more than Falcon hehe. Come stop by my squad's site sometime and say hello :D . Thanks for the sound again zzzspace although I have a feeling this will not be your final soundmod for Lock On. I'm sure you will find a way to make it better as usual. I have all your soundpacks going back all the way to version 1. Remember that CarrierLand.wav that caused a second pause before hitting the deck? :P . Anyway your sound has definitely come a long way it is definitely top class. Thanks for contributing to the community.
  9. Well what can I say zzzspace. Your soundmod 6.0 is absolutely fantastic! I watched your F-15 demo track and the sounds are great! The F-15's sound during fly by is fantastic! I just recently watched a video of a F-15 from an airshow and your sound perfectly matches it. I also immediately noticed the planewind and planedistortion wav files are now perfectly balanced and they sound much better. It is not so loud anymore when in-cockpit view. Good job on this one. Not to mention the new 50km sound bubble :D Wingman jet engines or planes near you on parking area is still loud. I almost jumped out of my chair when a new plane spawned next to me on multiplayer mode hehe. Not your fault though. It's the way Lock On's sound system works as you have mentioned. I fixed this by lowering my engine and wind volume level to 80/90 percent (still testing which one is better) and it's not as loud obviously. I don't want to lose those excellent fly by sounds so I doubt I will go any lower. Excellent work on this one zzzspace I give it 5 out of 5 stars ***** ;)
  10. zzzspace, I've been using 5.1 soundpack and I have to say it's excellent and now you released a new one :D . That's always a good thing. I am sure this will be better than the rest. I appreciate your work as always. Your sound pack never ceases to amaze me. Thanks zed zed zed space!!!!
  11. Give us the good news Archer :D. Can't wait to hear that fly by sound.
  12. Thanks Archer, I can't imagine how much better it will be. Your sound mod is already great as is :D
  13. Thanks Rossi, I'll be looking forward to your next update. :D

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