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  1. LANCASTER 300 Sqn BH F

    This is my updated skin for Lancaster mod for IL-2 Sturmovik 46 4.10m http://www.4shared.com/account/home.jsp#dir=0kYlrqNa

    © Fee to use

  2. Hello, can someone make this beauty for use in SF1 (WoV or WoE)? I have trying to do this like is descibed in forum but it dosen't work. Please
  3. CVN Ulyanovsk

    It is possible to have this beauty in SFP1 (WoV or WoE)??
  4. Hello, have someone template for this beauty?
  5. Aerobatic Team ZELAZNY

    This is IL-2 mod SU-26 in paint scheme from Polish Aerobatic Team Zelazny (in reality thay flow with Zlin-50 and Extra 330)
  6. This is my take off http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22vWap0Ihcw
  7. Thanks to all. I have just changed the cat data in data.ini for aircraft carrier and Harrier can vertical take of. My HMS Invincible date.ini looks like [Cat1] SystemType=CATAPULT CatapultID=1 StartPosition=-10.3994,-80.8562,14.0727 //EndPosition=-10.3994,-79.7600,14.0727 EndPosition=-10.3994,-80.8562,14.0727 //LaunchTime=10.0 LaunchTime=0.1 LaunchEffect= ReadyAnimationID=7 ReadyAnimationTime=5.0
  8. Hello, can anybody tell me haw to start vertical from aircraft carrier with Harrier. Any time whan I try to do this Harrier don't lift up. I can only use short take off start.
  9. Hello, can anybody tell me haw can I change ore made TireTouchSmoke effect in SF1 WoX?
  10. Admiral Kuznetsov

    Hello, can anybody tell the Kuznetsov is finished or WIP or dead?
  11. I want to use SEtandar for some anti-ship mission, loadout.ini and data.ini are with anti-ship. A the moment my: SEtendard_LOADOUT.INI [Anti-Ship] Loadout[01].WeaponType=AR_Mk83 Loadout[01].Quantity=2 Loadout[01].RackType=TER Loadout[02].WeaponType=AR_LAU-3A Loadout[02].Quantity=1 Loadout[03].WeaponType=AR_LAU-3A Loadout[03].Quantity=1 Loadout[04].WeaponType=R-550 Loadout[04].Quantity=1 Loadout[05].WeaponType=R-550 Loadout[05].Quantity=1 SEtendard_DATA.ini [MissionData] NationName=France ServiceStartYear=1978 ServiceEndYear=2005 AircraftRole=ATTACK AircraftCapability=DAY_AND_NIGHT Availability=COMMON Exported=TRUE ExportedStartYear=1978 ExportAvailability=RARE PrimaryRoles=ANTI_SHIP SecondaryRoles=ANTI_SHIP NormalMissionRadius=850 MaxMissionRadius=1300 Ceiling=13700 MinBaseSize=MEDIUM CarrierBased=TRUE
  12. Sorry, I don't tell that I play with WoV with latetst patch. I thing this is not the map problem.
  13. Hello, Whan I use create singel mission I want to make some anti ship mission but I haven't possibiliti to choice this. Can somebody tell me haw can I do this?

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