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  1. P.S. I've spotted a 'typo'. Step four (Final drive) should read '3' (not 4). Apologies
  2. I've played DiRT since it's release. One thing that has always baffled me, is why in God's name did they make the default car tuning, the way that it is? It seems that they just used a whole series of random numbers or they gave it to the local office Chimp, who had seen a rally on TV once. I've posted other tune setups before, but this time, after a lot of testing, I think I've come up with a All-purpose, one shoe fits all, generic solution. This tuning setup has been used extensively with 4WD cars and tested using the Force Feedback MS Wheel, so FWD and RWD cars may differ slightly and using the controller may provide a different experience? Use these values as a default and then add Salt & Pepper to taste for your own driving style and any car particular quirks that are present. Anyway, what I've done (In my opinion), is replace the default values with something that makes the vehicles handle more realistically and behave more, as you would expect a car to perform. So here goes... Options/Control Setup. Force Feedback Force: On Force Strength: Max Force Weight: Max Effects Strength: 3 Wheel Advanced Steering Deadzone: 0% Steering Saturation: 95% Steering Linearity: 0.00 Acceleration Pedal Deadzone: 0% Acceleration Pedal Saturation: 100% Brake Pedal Deadzone: 0% Brake Pedal Saturation: 100% -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Generic Tuning for 4WD Cars. 1.Wheels. Camber Front: -1.00' Rear: -0.03' Toe Angle Front: 0.01' Rear: -0.01' 2. Suspension Springs Stiffness Front: 33 Rear: 50 Ride Height Front & Rear: 0.66 3. Suspension Dampening Bump Front Bump: 33 Rear Bump: 50 Rebound Front Rebound: 33 Rear Rebound: 50 Fast Bump Strength: 66 Activation: 0.50 4. Final Drive 4. 5. Brakes Brake Bias Bias: 55%Front : 45%Rear Brake Set Discs: 6" Pads: Hard 6. Differentials Central Diff Central: 66%Front : 34%Rear Limited Slip Diff Front Acc: 0.50 Rear Acc: 0.33 Front Dec: 0.50 Rear Dec: 33 7. Downforce Strength: 0.66 8. Anti-Roll Anti-Roll Bar Front: 33 Rear: 50 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Notes. Force Feedback and Steering Wheel Setup As well as saturation and dead-zone controls, the following force feedback wheel options are available in the DiRT™ controller setup screen. Modifying these values may increase the amount of 'oscillation' felt in the force feedback - eg. the wheel vibrating slightly when driving straight. i) Force Feedback Strength The overall strength of force feedback. Higher values may increase the level of oscillation. ii) Force Feedback Weight Higher values make the force feedback feel 'tighter' - only small changes in wheel orientation are required to cause large forces. This increases the perceived strength, but removes some of the subtlety and smoothness. iii) Steering Linearity Negative values make the steering concentrated around the centre of the wheel - moving the wheel only a small way will give you most of the steering response, and then moving the wheel all the way to full lock will give only a little more. Positive values do the opposite - moving the wheel around the centre accomplishes little, but as you approach full lock you start to get the full steering effect. Wheel linearity is very much an issue of personal preference. You may find that using negative values requires the force feedback weight to be decreased in order to reduce oscillations. ---------------------------------------------------------- I'd be interested to read any feedback (good or bad) on these setting. Happy New Year All.
  3. Hi Revvin, I grabbed the free pack, the one that has that class D Nissan Altima (not a bad motor, in total, for a front wheel drive), but I haven't got the Peugeot 908 yet. What's the 908 like? Is it pre-tuned? What class does it fall into?
  4. Welcome

    Likewise, thanks. (and ty 2 Revvin for letting me know about it).
  5. DiRT

    I love DiRT on the 360. I agree that it's not on a par with something like Forza2 for technical accuracy, but it does a good job of portraying what I imagine driving a high speed rally car feels like. That's good enough for me. The force feedback with the MS wheel is also pretty well done. It adds a lot to the experience.
  6. Project Slypheed

    It's very reminiscent, in parts, of playing Freespace2. Anyone else play it?
  7. File Name: Menu_Sounds.rar File Submitter: Hengist File Submitted: 7 May 2006 File Category: SF Sound Mods A set of 'Vietnam era songs' for use as replacement tracks for the in-game menu screens for Wings Over Vietnam. Click here to download this file
  8. Ok the replacement tracks are now uploaded here at Combatace. Hope you enjoy them.
  9. I've uploaded a set of 'Vietnam era songs' that I use as replacement tracks for the in-game menu screens for Wings Over Vietnam. I find that it adds to the general Vietnam era immersion for me. I just thought I'd share them with others, in case anyone else is interested? The file is called Menu_Sounds.rar and it has a readme. It's just a case of putting them all into one folder, also remember to backup/rename the originals if you want to revert. The file is 64Mb in size, and it'll only be there for 15 days. You can get the file from here... Click Here I hope you enjoy them.
  10. Either program your stick to replicate the numpad buttons or use the config options within the game to map the hat presses to your choice of available views, assuming that the option is there in the game for what you want?
  11. So what role does he play in Wings over Vietnam or SFP1?.. Unfortunately, none that I can see.
  12. My bomb delivery tactic is based on things I've read about Thud ground pounding, as that's all I do in this sim (ground pounding that is, not just flying Thuds). To be honest, ground pounding is all I have done for years in any sim. The following tactic seems to work quite well in WoV/SFP1. *Let down to 2k before IP. *Set bomb delivery parameters and arm. *Punch fuel tanks off at IP. *Turn on the QRC (if applicable). *Approach target area. *Light the burner and take the flight up to a 10k perch. *Order attack. *Invert and Barrel roll in. *Dive at around seventy degrees on target area. *Stabilize whilst heading down the chute. *Sight target. *Release bombs as low as possible. *Egress low on full burner (500ft). *One pass 'n haul ass, get out of Dodge, Ham 'n Jam, Wham bam thank you Mam... etc. Dropping the last span of a bridge. ======================= Well it works for me. When you take it up, as a 'rule of thumb', try and make it as steep as possible, you're going to be fairly close to the target by then. I usually climb aggressively, once I can visually identify the target area, say around five miles? You can always use the TACAN or Red Crown to confirm distance to the primary target. As for when to roll in, well you're pretty much going to be right over the target area when this happens, say three quarters of a mile @ 10k? With regards to the seventy degree dive angle, this is my favourite angle to dive at, but again, the differing battle conditions i.e. SAM's, may make me not climb as high, or too high and undershoot or overshoot my roll in on the target, which consequently affects my dive angle (it's that damn Trig' problem I have, curse you Trig'). This often prevents me from achieving my favoured optimal dive degree. In the picture that I supplied with the post, I would guestimate that I was diving in at around seventy (or possibly eighty) degrees there. Try checking left and right Canopy frames against the horizon for a 'degree' reference point. I've read accounts of forty five degrees too near vertical dives of ninety degrees being preferred in real life, but if I try for seventy that normally works for me in the sim. Above all, try to be as quick as possible when performing this type of manoeuvre. Your main concern should be to minimise the amount of time you're exposed whilst in the SAM danger zone. From pull up, through to rolling in and bomb release, this should only take seconds, rather than minutes, to perform. The whole manoeuvre should be done in one, continuous, smooth action... if possible.
  13. Help needed in the Fair Strike forum

    Thanks, I appreciate your efforts.

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