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  1. Israel 2 terrain

  2. ***reply**** check the tutorial i wrote some time back on le missioneur. quickly if the terrain is unrecognized and will not initialize in the editor, check the path to the install, and be sure your planning maps are placed and formatted correctly.
  3. well, isn't it easy when you know how? thanks for the assist, greatly appreciated. gopher66ca ittech.ferguson
  4. Have a question for anyone whom may have a handle on this. I had a discussion at one point some years back with the crew of a Prowler at an airshow here, and I have read through the weapon and editing material available here without success. The Prowlers typically would carry only one anti radiation weapon while the rest of the stations would be loaded with electronics pods. Is it possible to configure aircraft within SFP1, WOV or WOE so they can carry unsymetric loadouts? any leads appreciated gopher66ca ittech.ferguson
  5. I'm a big believer in backup and disk imaging. once I have a mod up and running, i generally image that off so I can load and delete it from the drive at will. the sfp1 series are registry independant so there is no problem with doing that. rather than fire up full imaging software for this type of job, I use a nice freeware utility called folder2iso (you can google for it under that keyword). I get the add ons in there, weapons pack and effects along with the mod and can quickly create an iso burned as data...remember that, burned as data. then when i feel the urge to fly the falklands or mid east...bingo, done. works absolutely reliably. gopher66ca ittech.ferguson
  6. I threw a quick tutorial up on combat ace downloads a while back, note the red text on updating your LM. I think there is a max flight size of 16 not only in LM but within program itself. I can fly a flight of 16 created with LM but attempting to edit flight size by hand beyond that from within the mission file is a no go. not much of a problem really, just create a duplicate flight and size it to requirement. frame rates will tank but since the wingman are "challenged" anyway, what's the point? if you are just looking for wildabeast at the watering hole, dupe the flight. gopher66ca ittech.ferguson
  7. in a professional setting, backing up onto a external hard drive would probably get you fired one of these days. failure rates, especially among those drives in the student/travel market are well above those of a traditional drive. sometimes what is not actually termed "failure" just becomes...let's call it "unavailable". yes I may be able to lift data off a drive that has gone south, but if a specialist is required, I outsource for that, and my disaster recovery person runs 150 to 350 (canadian) an hour. for the cost of good quality backup media, disks all the way. the costs of hard drives is front end loaded, for very little more, you can aquire much greater drive space. I do caution clients that it is not, how much drive can you afford, it is how much drive are you prepared to lose? and eventually, you will. while drives become more and more reliable, I still lose at least one a year just to wear and tear. it may be too early to get into the newer no moving parts drives, but there are significant performance gains and technically longer life along with lower power cosumption on these drives. another year or so will tell if they will hit the consumer market big. for now, I'll hang onto good media, and reliable imaging software. depending upon an external drive is just not on. gopher66ca ittech.ferguson
  8. I own and run my own IT company, as such, I am lucky to have lots of play toys, 2 seperate LAN's in my home and currently now 10 running machines, perhaps a couple more in boxes, there is even an Apple around somewhere in a box. There is nothing, but nothing more comfortable than having your OS patched to current state and imaged onto a couple of dvd's with Acronis True Image along with the programs on that particular pc. Each of my machines have associated images in a carrier on my shelf. Worst case scenario, twenty, twenty five minutes top, with OS, Office, documents and additional softwares all nice and tidy back to the way they were. I cannot remember the last time I was toasted hard, but I sleep a whole lot better. Specifically, once these mods are imaged, I need never hunt for that hard to find aircraft ever again, voila, middle east wars, two minutes, no problems. I do hope this is an indication of the release of something nice. That would mean a differential backup to come soon. cool gopher66ca ittech.ferguson
  9. Here is the solution I use. I get a lot of software thrown my way having my own IT company, but this one is freeware for everyone. Whatever you use for burning or imaging software (and I am a big fan of disk imaging) there is an absolutely gem of a proggie called Folder2iso. Without running your complete imaging suite, you can run this util (under 1 mb) and image an entire folder directory. Once you have updated your editor, image the folder and you are good to go. Once I have my terrain or campaign mods installed and running fine, I image just the strike fighter directory containing the mod, and I prefer not to install my editor to a central install but into each mod directory itself. I image the entire mod and can remove or add these versions of SF, WOV, WOE at will. SFP1 is not registry dependant so you can just load when the feeling strikes. If you wish to do so, you can image just the folder containing the editor. Burn that image to disk and you have your backup. Here is the homepage for folder2iso folder2iso select the folder2iso link within that menu. cheers gopher66ca ittech.ferguson
  10. I use Le Missionneur almost exclusively now. You can give that a shot, the proggie is at check-six, a tutorial I posted here. If you wanted to, if you sent me a brief and what your flights are doing along with your flights and tasks list, I could run it up on Le Missionneur for you and post it back your way, at least I could give it a shot for you. gopher66ca ittech@gmail.com
  11. I've spent a couple of hours on this one this evening and I believe we are out of luck. My suspicions lead me to campaign.dll in the flight folder but while dll's cannot be read in the normal sense having been compiled, I've had an unproductive look inside the dll but short of reverse engineering (probably a no no) I don't see any other course to follow. I am pretty sure the setting is not within any of the .ini files. oh well, plan B, count your blessings, not your troubles cheers, gopher66ca
  12. Got a quick question for anyone whom may have a handle on this. currently working on a mini campaign proof of cencept based on the Operation Tainted Cigar Cuban terrain. just wondering if anyone happens to know what parameter controls weather within the campaign. done a search, hit google too with nothing appreciable gained. anyone any ideas, and if so, can we control the campaign engine to limit weather options to defined parameters? any ideas or leads appreciated, thanks gopher66ca ittech.ferguson
  13. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...ode=sst&id=5092 File Name: Le Missionneur mission editor tutorialFile Submitter: gopher66ca File Submitted: 11 Aug 2007 File Category: Utilities/Editors Le Missionneur mission editor tutorial. Illustrates creation of a sample strike mission with this excellent editor. Works successfully with SFP1, WOV, WOE and mods. Click here to download this file
  14. Version


    Le Missionneur mission editor tutorial. Illustrates creation of a sample strike mission with this excellent editor. Works successfully with SFP1, WOV, WOE and mods.

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