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  1. Spandau Fire Rate Mod?

    It is a Mod from Creaghorn "Spandau Rate of Fire",but I can't find it. Anyone knows where I can find it? Thx and Greetings.
  2. Hello! I search a Mod with the realistic Firerate of the Spandau Machinegun. Hellshade says it a Post,but I can't find it. Thanks for your Help.
  3. I Play it with my Son-he is 8 years Old,and he always wins............
  4. I just get the Demo- WHAT A FUNNY GAME!!!!! Thx for telling is. Tomorrow I buy it-im out of X-Box Points.....
  5. Grapic Question

    @streakeagle: I think thats the Problem. My letters does not look clear. But what can I do to solve the Problem?
  6. Grapic Question

    2 more:
  7. Hello! First,this is my System: Windows 7 64-Bit Intel i7 2600k 3,40 Ghz Nividia Geforce GTX 570 16 GB RAM I go with a HDMI-Cable to my Sony Bravia TV,and play the Game with a Resolution of 1920x1080x32.Same as the TV. But when I play the Game it does not look like on the Pcs that I have seen on the OFF Site. I mean my Planes does not look so fine. and detailed. Look: All Graphic Settings are on 5 and I use High-Res Grapics. Now my Questions: What Anti-aliasing can I use? And why are my Plane Graphics not so fine? Pls excuse this bad English,and I hope u understand what I mean. Thx,Thomas!
  8. I will fly it until my Wife wants the Divorce.....:-)
  9. 2 Questions

    Thanks Polovski!
  10. @Golden Eagle: How did you made this,because I want to change the Jasta also. Thanks for your answer.
  11. 2 Questions

    Hello,it's me again! I have 2 Questions: 1.Is it possible to change the Jasta in an Campaign? I am now in Jasta 2 but I want to go to Jasta 11. Is that possible? 2.How can I change the Pilot Pic in the Dossier? Is it possible to use own Pictures? Thx for your Answers and Greetings.
  12. Super Dokumentation. Danke fürs Posten. Aber leider gibt es die "Bloody April" nocht auf Deutsch...
  13. Stall

    Thank you!
  14. Stall

    Thx for your Answer,I will learn it on Real... I hope I will mot get too frustrated:-)
  15. Stall

    Hello! In OFF it is very hard to fly the Planes. Everytime when I have the Enemy in Front of my Guns,then my Plane stalls.... In ROF is an Option "no Physics" I think. Is there an Option in OFF that my Plane will not make a Stall? I fly on the EASY Flightmodel.... Its very,very hard and I ask me how Richthofen make 80 Victorys with these Planes. Greetings.

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