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  1. Those were Happy Times. Good to see this post. Yes, RIP Oli, you are still missed....
  2. F-100F Super Sabre (*)

    Yeah, when I made this *substandard* model in 2007, the average machine was did not handle shadows well - so shadows were not a requirement for the owner of the YAP product.
  3. Jug Has Passed Away

  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. One word: Arclight Yes, I am back.
  6. Phull Phrottle........

    ... it just dosen't get any better than that ....
  7. Congratulations to My Wife

    Congratulations to Sheila, from us both!!! Well done!
  8. Happy Birthday

    Thanks Guys. Happy B-Day, Don.
  9. Mrs. Crab_02 delivers

    Finally, my Son has arrived.... am out on training excercise and my Son arrived 1515 Local - missed his birth by 23 mics... was on road to hospital and of course in traffic... everything is ok, Wife is good - kiddo is healthy and me at 40yrs old and 20 1/2 years in the Army... have to stick around a few more years .... :) I am proud FATHER again !!!!
  10. HOLY s**t!

    r u 40 yet?
  11. Mrs. Crab_02 delivers

    Thank you to all! John Eric is his name. He and Mrs. Crab are doing well. Am back to field tomorrow.
  12. Honorable Discharge

    Congratulations and Good Luck!!!!!!!
  13. WAHNSINNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Back to the world

    Welcome Back, Jeff!!!!!! v/r 1SG Hobbs (aka Crab_02)
  15. RF-4E Phantom II

    Guys! this stuff is great. Can someone pm me with some questions I have and a favor.
  16. Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

    ULLLLLWAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ALLII ACHK BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HAJI DONT SURF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
  17. Happy Birthday Column5 and Crab_02

    Congrats, Don... 5 more and you can catch up to me... big 40... I don't feel tardy.... thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111
  18. Met the gentleman who wrote this book and 10 other 11th Armored Division vets today in the Grafenwoher Dining facility - these Vets and family members are on what may be for most of them the last trip to see the land they fought in and liberated during 1944-45. Google 11th Armored Division and follow CCA and CCBs fight from England all the way thru to Austria. See Mr Hartman's book here: http://www.tankdriverbook.com/ I spent about an hour talking with some of these guys and being a fellow tanker was in awe of what they went thru and what they acheived... 65 years ago this week..... S!
  19. "I also passed along an F-4D model to X RAY soon to appear here to go along with a project that he is working on (although I just found a few errors on the model)." which model might that be?
  20. Phlipping heck !

  21. Anyone Watching "The Pacific"

    Can't get to the site here either - in Germany...
  22. Them Crooked Vultures

    Just saw these guys in concert tonight in Munich - they ROCK. Great show!! http://www.themcrookedvultures.com/us/home
  23. Crab_02 Returns...

    Yes, I have returned from my second OIF tour. For those who have recently returned, welcome back and for those who are leaving soon - good luck, things are on the up and up.... Some intersting times - alot more going on than reported in news (big suprize there) and looking forward to getting back into flying and modding. v/r Crab_02 MSG David J. Hobbs formerly of FOB Kalsu, IQ
  24. Oli had and still has a great impact on me and many of us here. He tought me volumes about the ways of 3dsMax and most of all he was truly unselfish and a great friend. We will remember him.

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