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  1. on the talon you must also change the values of overheat and maxinlet in the Scram jet Engines......
  2. i tweak my f/a 37 talon to do mach 25 i think the problem is not on the Fuselage.....
  3. any update i can not wait to fly this...... :fans: :fans: :fans:
  4. is it a lock on addon aircraft they call it VF15 Pteranodon
  5. Can some body fix the Talon swing wings for WOI because when flying the Talon at high speed wings are in the low speed config when flying at low speed the wings change to the high speed config... Sir Zurawski please help me with your talon and happy birthday. thank you
  6. I also have that problem can anybody modified the talon for WOI please... thank you
  7. sir Saganuay82 thank you very much i already email him... i like your mig 31 firefox very much
  8. sir capun this is my user name in this forum rebtere. my display name is reb. thank you
  9. ya it have. thank you very much kazama. is really cool and hope you finish the tvcamera soon i like very much... thanks

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