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  1. Well pcpilot, at least it is not boring here! :( sebastian pons
  2. Hi, You know, it is all a matter of perspective. From where I'm sitting, YOU are oversees.... :P But still, English is taught here at the schools.... sebastian pons
  3. BP_MOSCOW, I think the problem is that he IS using a translator. I think I understood what he was trying to say, but I'd need another posting to be sure. S. sebastian pons
  4. Yes, KFG_Keller, I was aware of that tweak but it didn't do anything for me. I still thing there are many superflous things in the sim (that is for a slow computer, because with a "decent" one I'm sure that everything can enhance the inmersion) that can be turned off so people with lower end machines can enjoy it too. Thank you for your help sebastian pons
  5. Thank you Dagger, found it. MadJeff, I will visit from now on And now That I know how to use radar, what do I do? I started a campain and the plane I get (I tried US, Navy etc...) doesn't have radar. It could be because of my FR, but I barely see the enemy, and when I do is too late because I've missed another one that is already on my 6. Any advice? sebastian pons
  6. Hi Dagger I'm interested but, where did you post it? Somehow I have the feeling I should know :? sebastian pons
  7. I had the same problem. They should reside in the "missions" folder that you created, but to be read by the game,they have to have the extension" .msn". Modify acordingly and they should show. Good luck sebastian pons
  8. Hi KFG_Keller, I think it is because of the patch. Everything else works OK. I'll wait and see if any of the missions developers have anything to say or advice. In the meanwhile, I see from one of your posts that you have a low end system. How is the game playing in your machine? I run WIN98se PII (AMD K6 3DNOW) 500MHz 128RAM GeForce2 MX 100/200 32MB IE5.5 Trident Sound Card And with everything at minimum, no mirrors, shadows etc.. it is a little bit jumpy. Not a slide-show but not smooth either. I think there are many things modeled in the sim that aren't really necessary to play. One is the pilot's heads moving, and I think it is ALL pilots. It is not a gripe, but I think if it could be eliminated it would sped the simulation greatly. After all, do we care what the pilot's heads do? I know that EAW runs very well in my computer, and I have graphics at max..... Just a thought. sebastian pons
  9. Thank you KFG_Keller , you know, I find those sims very similar. I'm still having problems with SA (they are so fast!) and energy management, but in all I'm having a good time. And now for the folder. It works but as soon as I click accept it hanks on me. Could it be that the missions I load can't work anymore because of the patch? It did make many modifications. Well, thank you again sebastian pons
  10. Thank you KFG_Keller. Stupid of me! MSN did the trick. sebastian pons
  11. No dice. As you suggested I wiped the mission folder clean. I cut the mission I wanted (in this case the day one) and pasted it on wordpad and saved it giving it the name of daymission. Wordpad gave it the extension DOC. I tried both with and without the DOC extension, but I still can't see the mission. To be on the safe side I repeated the steps using Notepad with the same results. I know I did something wrong, but what? Maybe if you could describe again step by step (like for a moron) I'll spot where I went wrong? Thank you sebastian pons
  12. Post patch :) Hi, I d/l a couple of missions, a day and a night one but when I go to single player they are not there. I have a folder named missions, and the 2 files have the TXT extension. I tried to rename one of them "day.mis" to see if it would work, but without luck. What I've done wrong? Thank you in advance sebastian pons
  13. Hello Target, couldn't fly because of CDT several times. I'm sure is windows related rather than modifications made, but I've decided to wait for the patch (1 day!) Thank you for your help sebastian pons

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