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  1. I would like to re-install OFF and Hat in ring on a separate drive from my Woff ui install. OFF nor hat in ring does not give me that option. My Hat in Ring is on a disc the i burned about 8-10 years ago. Off is the original disc of Between heaven and hell. neither give me the option of installing anywhere but my main disc which now has woffui, and I dont want to mess with that. i stil have CFs3
  2. Thanks for the reply. I can't hit the AI now in its easiest setting so I guess I would not like a better AI. I was not programming my stick properly so now I have the little circle at least. I also ran and printed the FAQ sheet for OFF and it has helped a lot even if it was 48 pages. I think 80 may be too old for Air sims as the reactions are just not what they used too be.. .
  3. I could not find the edit for the previous post. I have downloaded and printed the complete FAQ document for reference relating to the above post
  4. I have OFF Between Heaven and Hell patched to 1.32 super patch and 1.32g mini patch. and Hat in Ring add on and it is patched to 1.47. All is running fine except for my questions. What else should I patch too or add and where can I get the updates or is off completely dead and my only option is WOFF.? these Questions????? How do I get rid of contact and dog barking??? can not find sound files. I have programmed my t1600m thrustmaster joy and everything works except. How do i get labels and brackets to show up when flying.. I can not find the enemy at all. Where should I post for answers to problems in OFF an Hat in Ring add on. Seems like there is no activity in this game but I just got back to flying and am not intrested in the High priced WOFF download. Thanks for any help or direction. Read more: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3576157#ixzz3vLAbaY95 Follow us: @SimHQ on Twitter | SimHQ on Facebook
  5. No response from third wire. Can not retrieve my access code for first eagles 2 from them as they will not reply to my e-mails or requests. I think this is a lost cause as i am sure I will not purchase it again. Maybe it is just because it is the weekend but i doubt it.
  6. I purchased First eagles 2 some time ago and just recently got a new computer. I do not have my original FE2 download. Is it still avilable for someone who has already purchased the game?
  7. Frm the response to this I would Guess OFF is dead and I'm on my own. thnaks anyways
  8. OFF3 Issues

    I am afraid OFF is dead. no place for answers to problems. most links are dead
  9. Just getting back to Off after new computer. window7 home premium SP1,64bit , 8192 Hd, dx11 NV g force 720 1680x1050 4022 ram. AMD A10-7700 Radeon R7 Compute cores 4c+6g 3.40Ghz Right now i am running OFF between Heaven and Hell. patched to super patch 1.32. I have mini patch 1.32 not installed but on disc. yet. I also have Overflanders Field HitR and hitR update 1.47 on disc but have not installed them. Before I try any further installs i want to be very sure of my sequence. Thanks for any info. Regards Pawgy have read about woff and am not at all interested .
  10. Real Golf outdoors. I don't like beimg indoors sitting at the computer when the weather starts to get a little better. Flying Off amd ROF is lots of fun but not very good exercise.
  11. I always thought a fighter was single seater, but you had none listed so I put down a two seater which i never fly but i also never fly a scout. Whats up? Edit!!!!! It looks like from the voting I should have said ,Scout which I guess is a fighter?
  12. Theme from 1966 movie. Grand prix.
  13. In single mission I can choose my plane but how do i choose what i am going up aginst? Also in instant action ? Same question?
  14. I apologize if I stole something I should not have. But ,yes it is your Triplane with USA wing markings and a neat usa decal on the fusalage with lots of central powers decals (Planes shot down) on the side. If you wish i will remove it but it is the nicest paint scheme I have seen for the trip so far. If it is OK to keep it,, thanks a lot. If not Thanks anyways cause i guess i can still use it in the game. Pawgy Olham's Silver blue triplane slightly altered. Great skin by Olham.
  15. My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys by Willie nelson.

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