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  1. RIP John Lord

    RIP , another of the old heroes lost ;(
  2. I have lomac/FC1/2DCS and sure , they are in many ways far superior to SF series , but still i spend 95% of my flightsim time in Strike fighters 2 . Its somewhat fun to master all the systems in lomac/FC1/2DCS but after a while i start thinking how much better a sidewinder would be with a multimegaton warhead and FTL drive or fly some planes from the 40s 50´s 60´s 70´s 80´s 90´s or present i any of the larger conflicts since ww2 or just make som semicrazy whatif plane with some simple ini editing . In my computer lomac/FC1/2DCS cant compete with SF series , even if it does so many thing som much "better". Edit: Just love SF2NA , thanks TK.
  3. Nice AJS and SF , an JA to would give me massive nerdgasm but you cant have it all , looks much better then the old Viggen i must say,
  4. AIM-26B

    Need to correct myself to early in the morning for thinking strait , not a RB-27.
  5. AIM-26B

    Blind , its a groundcrew training missile . You have to know that any swedish missile painted in green is also a training/dud round while the live ones are not , the mystery missile shown is indeed the RB-27 radarguided missile but RB-27 isn´t really the AIM-26B but a homecoocked version made on the AIM-26A as base.
  6. Poor FPS

    I have very simular setup as DamonSchumi and turn off Mirrors , cockpit reflections and shadows to low it makes huge difference can run it smoothly at 1920*1200 16*AA 16*AF
  7. What Did You See Today?

    A lot of grass , operated a precision chopper today
  8. No it does not resembles an AJS 37 , it has the larger JA/SK tailfin , it carries SAHM´s (on the bodypylons for some reason , AJS got RB74 instead of RB24J as the only AA upgrade) , and it has an internal gun without having the gunbox modelled.
  9. Great with a new Viggen , the old one seems a little...substandard crazy JA/AJ hybrid.

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