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  1. Eagle Dynamics are taking pre-orders on their E-Shop for Belsimtek’s DCS: MiG-15bis. The beta version is due for release in February 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCukxxppGF0
  2. Thanks Dave but I wouldn't disrespect you or this site by just venting. I have posted my criticism and thoughts based on what I've seen and it was enough it seems to end up on Jason's 'haters' list :)
  3. Good to see you back.....

    Well done on getting the site back up, it can be a frustrating time for site owners but every site has its periods of downtime but it's good to see CA back
  4. Should the new MOH be banned?

    I'm disappointed to hear of one of our MP's jumping on the FOX News bandwagon. I'm surprised at Liam Fox making these comments, its something I was more expecting to hear from New Labour or one of our wishy washy Liberals. I've read other stories about this where sites have asked real soldiers for their comments and the response has been "so what its just a game". As gamers we play a wide variety of roles including 'the bad guys' such as Nazi's etc. I took part in the beta for this game and saw no glorification made by the game to play the Taliban role. What irritates me most is that Liam Fox is our Defense Minister, there are far more important tasks for him to complete such as making sure our troops are properly equipped, have the body armour, the safe transport so if politics is soo slow this week that he has time to pontificate over these matters perhaps he could double his efforts to ensure our real soldiers are safe.
  5. Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog

    Amazon.co.uk were taking pre-orders at £349 IIRC but then the product was de-listed by them. At that price it puts it at around £100 more than I paid for my Cougar when it was released back around 8 years ago? I don't think £100 more than the Cougar is an unreasonable price taking into consideration inflation and the extra features. Saitek launched their X65F at £329.
  6. Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog

    I don't remember seeing another brand before my first set years ago which were Thrustmaster Elites but CH Products were not very well advertised or easily available in the UK in the early 90's. I replaced those with CH Products Pro Pedals for the added toe brake capability. Perhaps rudder pedals will be a future product
  7. Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog

    I'm surprised they have yet to come up with a successor to the old Thrustmaster Elite pedals. They seem happy for the likes of CH, Saitek and Simped to fight it out there for standalone pedals. Saitek have just announced a new set of pedals: http://www.saitek.com/uk/prod/compedals.html
  8. First images have surfaced of the gunner for this new laser weapon
  9. Russian sub could help BP spill?

    It would be no good for Exxon's hostile take over of BP if US subs helped stop the oil flow weeks ago. Especially after Obama has laid all the groundwork with his continued attacks which surely helped lower their share price even further. Good on those oil lobbyists!
  10. Iphone 4

    According to Gizmondo Apple are holding a press conference Friday 16th 10AM PT regarding the iPhone 4. Perhaps a product recall or an explanation of the software fix that has been talked about.
  11. Which is better? ATI or GTX game cards.

    I've mainly used nVidia for the last few years but on my next upgrade I think I'll go with ATi as they seem to give more bang for buck particularly the 5850 and the 5870 models.
  12. Some Jokes about the England Team

    Fabio Capello walks into the changing room at half time and finds a big stinking turd left in the middle of the changing room floor. Furious, he asks the squad "who's s**t on the floor!?!" Heskey stands up and says "me boss but I'm not bad in the air".
  13. Iphone 4

    Rumour has it that a fix will be released on Monday that involves a simple software update. Hopefully this is true. I've not had any issues using my phone, perhaps I've always held my phones in the official Steve Job's style or perhaps <shock> he copied me! I can however replicate the problem on my handset by holding it the same way as seen on other internet sites covering this issue. This is my first iPhone and I'm loving it! the screen is absolutely fantastic, very crisp, very clear and very responsive to touch commands. http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/10/06/25/death_grip_hysteria_may_end_monday_with_ios_4_01.html
  14. Apology

    I'm not so sure its him because he's posted nothing on the forum he's most active on - Targetware. His behavior has been the same across every forum he has every visited so why apologize only on SimHQ?

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