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  1. Erik It would appear that my subscription paid on August 19th on PayPal hasn't taken effect? I might be reporting this in the wrong place? Like the new layout!
  2. I have had some of my middle east campaigns particularly 6 day war ending prematurely like after one mission with a loss. I seem to remember a thread on this but was unable to locate it. It is referred to in the readme, but I have not yet found a work around. I was thinking perhaps changing the battle line in the terrain file? Doesn't appear to occur all the time.
  3. YAP is a great product the missions are realistic and tough, and the extra models providied excellent. The prices are posted on the site, but are well worth the quality. Check out their site. URL posted above.
  4. IMPORTANT - Please Read

    Thank you Erik for your work and dedication.
  5. Great job guys! A great addition for a great plane, appreciate the effort and attention to detail. Will really enjoy this one!!
  6. Community Announcement

    I want to thank Erik for reconsidering on the post allotment. I also want to add my thanks for all the work he and the CA team do to provide this forum and post/download service day in amd day out. It is a huge boon to the whole community. As for myself I will attempt to overcome my timidity and participate more actively/often in the community, I didn't realize it was that important. Since I have some rudimentary skill in creating SFP1 missions perhaps I can even build the courage to develop and post a few that I think might meet the high community standards. At any rate thanks to the CA team and all the modders and develpers that make the SFP1 family of games so enjoyable.
  7. Community Announcement

    Supporting this site because it costs money is something I think we all can understand. As a "newbie" I'm not sure I understand the link between money and number of participating users, but I would certainly support a approach that covers the costs of this very fine and community supporting site. If this is the way then fine. As I said before, for me it is more about "knowledge, skill and confidence" not necessarilly about "time".
  8. Community Announcement

    As has been said before, it is your forum and you are certainly entitled to do whatever you wish. I as one of those "lerker" types who is and has always been extremely appreciative of the efforts of all the modders and other contributors to this magnificent effort that SFP1 et al has become am saddened by the closed path the community lately seems to be taking in restriciting downloads to a more select/exclusive group(s). I have enjoyed the SFP1 family from the beginning but unfortuanately do not have the skills, time (I know we are all time limited) or to be more honest, confidence in the quality/value/information I might deliver to more actively participate. I guess this eliminates me from the group. I would have thought that one of the goals of the community was to aid, empower, or otherwise help people grow in their understanding and enjoyment of the value of flight simulators and Thirdwire products. I also however, understand and appreciate the modders/contributors and how they should certainly receive accolades for their work. Perhaps I am remiss in that way. I think this is probably a sad day for the community, especially those of us less skilled or confident.

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