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  1. Thanx, but which editor do I need and where can I get it?
  2. I downloaded it here: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...p;showfile=6075 by BUFF.
  3. Update,, ok, I can fly the plane now, no problems with taking off and flying, landing, etc. But, a small note, the rear wheel do not show up on external view. I still can't find certain files to open up and extract. The instructions on adding the drop tanks per the link at: Installation: Aircraft goes into your aircraft folder (You must have the Jul 06 weps pack installed) I have this installed. Add the drop tanks as explained in the CA Knowledge Base. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=9323 and, the weapons editor does not work, at least for me. Unless I am doing something wrong. When I click on it it does nothing.
  4. Thank You MK2

    Thank you for brring this nice wesite through all these years, I have been around since the 1990's when I was flying EAW and Falcon 4 and remember all the changes with this domain. You hung in there and made it one of my Favorites.
  5. Unable to install F-22 addon correctly for Strike Fighters (Thirdwire series). The F-22 (3RD Party aircraft addon) was released recently and I download al the files, followed the instructions, and am having problems trying to install the files right. the directions name files and directories I cannot find. I can get the p[lane t show up and try to take off but it blows up just when it lifts oof. Also the weapons pack wil not instal correctly, mostly because of the directions for instal anme files I can't find. Thanx for help
  6. It's fixed,, I can now fly in daylight, don't know how I fixe dit, but all is well.. as far as I know,, no problem now.. thanx all for helping, I jus tdont know anything else.. expcept what I also said in this thread..
  7. I still have the problem where the Campaigns start in the dark in the middle of the night like at 00:42, or such..
  8. Ok,, maybe its fixed. I added a different 3rd party Mirage ( MirageIICJ ) and it is flyable and in the menus in coops and dogfights... so the one I had before this one was not showing up... that must have been the problems..
  9. Do I have to install a weapons pack? maybe that's why I can't select the MirageIII ??
  10. I installed the Jonesoft switcher and installed the middle east pack... Still no go,, when I start the campaign, it starts in the middle of the night... also still cannot choose the Mirage in coops and dogfights.. just spent 2 hours working on it,, got nowhere.. I did a totally fresh install of the game with no mods before I installed the stuff.. after I isnallted the middle east camp and the jonesoft enabler... and it stil started at 12:am I then said what the hell, I wil had a MirageIII (addon aircraft) manually to see if I can fly it in coops and dogfights. I can't fly the MirageIII in coops and dogfights... But, I Can fly the MirageIII in Single missions... so, again, I go nowhere..
  11. I like to fly online, so really don't care for using these one click installers... it screws up being able to fly online. Makes me have to have to installs of SF1. I know this is never going to happen but to bad Thirdwire and TK didn't setup their game with these options in the first place. I fly IL-2 and LockOn and Falcon4 and Thirdwire could take lessons from them on this stuff. Thank you for the help, I guess I have to install that jonesoft enabler software. Off I go..
  12. This forum is not letting me edit my post.. but I am unable to add the Mirage I added, to coops.... puzzled why it does not show up when slecting aircraft..
  13. Hi, In Strike Fighters, putting the SF1 6 Day War campaign files in, aircraft, terrain, and selecting the campaign, it only select lagte night early morning times! I can't fly at night itn eSim, I want daylight hours, I tried ot chage the time of the flight to daylight hours using ht eplanning map part of the selections, but I can't select that, the game crahses. I seached al the ini files to see if I can chage the misison time of day. No luck. I am really sad I cannot flyit in daylight hours. What is wrong? I am at a loss to find out how to do this... even if I could not do this, I am also not happy with not being able to select these planes in coopp mode. say the same planes used int he 6 day war for example. The MirageIII VS the Mig-21F. These limitations ruin this for me... anyone know how to fix/change these issues? the Daylight time fix would help tons.. Coops with these planesets would also be wonderful, as I really like online flying with live pilots. Thanx..
  14. Allied Force Contest

    I am ready to go.... haven't been on this server for quite a while,, I am jazzed about the next patch 1.08. Still using my Saitek X36USB and pedals, have been using these since 2000 back before the F4 Super Pack series was developed for the Original F4. :slow(en):

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