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  1. This is why I love this game so much, because of all the amazing work that all of you modders put out. It's like Christmas everyday! Thanks for the great work....
  2. Great Mod! Never thought I would see a Skyray in the sim since it's such a little known aircraft. That being said I'm having one minor issue with the invisible drop tanks has anyone else had this issue, and my sim has been upgraded with the latest patch. I noticed that the fuel tank bitmaps are in the squadron folders where I assume they belong. Any insight on my issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ivan
  3. I loaded the Norway terrain but my runways are not appearing. I didn't see anything in the instructions concerning adding any cat files, so did I miss an important step here? Thanks for any help in advance.
  4. Great Job guys, I see these babies coming into Nellis from my backyard and they look and sound bad as hell. Can't wait to strap this puppy on!
  5. I remember when I was stationed at clark ab back in the 80's there was an accident where the crew chief didn't install the pins properly in the mechanism for one of the folding wings on one of the f-4e's On takeoff one wing folded, and the plane crashed off the end of the runway.
  6. Yep the old Elephant cage, my Dad used to work with FLR9 back at Misawa AB in the late 60's and through the 70's. That brings back memories, I didn't know they still had those things up, They had one down at Clark AB back when I was stationed there, and I know they had em at Incirlik and Chicksands as well. Who knows MTL we might have hung out at some of the same spots as kids back in the day, FLR9 people were not a large group.
  7. Thanks Sony, that answers my question of applying the changes to the new weaponsdata file
  8. So what you're saying is tentatively it should be okay to add this to the previous weapons pack of July 06 from bunyap? Well user beware, but I take it you had no issues with it. gartht63
  9. What Do You Look Like in Uniform Thread

    Yep Old C-130 Load Toad, before I cross trained to C-141 Flight Engineer, got tired of opening those damned doors in the middle of the night.....LOL!
  10. What Do You Look Like in Uniform Thread

    Here's some oldies from around 1990, or as I like to call them the good ole days before the first gulf war....lol First one I'm sitting at my panel on the old C-141 . Second one was taken after we landed at Kingsford Smith in Sydney.....lot's of fun on that trip Third one is from my even older C-130 Loadmaster days this one i'm on the ramp at RAAF Amberley Final one is somewhere over Korea at some ungodly hour in the dead of winter about to drop some Korean paratroopers
  11. Great Package! Love the addition of the A-10B, not a very well known variation, I don't believe they ever went operational, they had some serious night fighting capability. But as all of us air force weenies know, the generals never took a liking to the ugly (dependable & deadly) Hawgs, preferred the fast, sleek & pretty birds.
  12. Community Announcement

    Hey if people want to continue using this site then they shouldn't have an issue with paying a small fee for the chance to access content, I for one would pay a membership fee to keep the site going. Gartht63
  13. Just curious did they change the rules here at combatace, I tried to download this file and I got this message; "You do not have enough posts to download files yet"

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