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  1. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23302483/ Good news: both pilots ejected safely Bad news: my tax dollars up in ssssmoke! Ouch that hurts...
  2. The ‘Greatest Generation’

    Wuzzup Pighunta69! Glad to hear from another ‘local boy’. Love your signature BTWJ A few years ago my then 79 yrs old grandpaw got into a ‘road rage’ incident with an 30y-ish, 6’4”, 200lb+ ‘human gorilla’ – according to the description of my sister who was driving the car at that time. When this jumping, leaping, raging Simian specimen started pounding on my sister’s window (she is 5’2” and weights 105lb) while trying to jerk open the locked door, grandpaw got out the passenger’s side, walked over and calmly faced down this mountain of muscle. My sis later described to me the incredible sight of this little wizen old man who stood firm in front of an enraged man twice his size and less than half his age, gently talked the animal into submission and eventual retreat. What Mr. Big Man didn’t realize was that my grandfather was an original member of the famed 442nd Regimental Combat Team (the ‘Go For Broke’), and a Judo instructor (8th dan) for 30yrs, who could probably man-handle him easily if push comes to shove. When I asked grandpaw about this, his only comment was: “Kids nowadays are so impatient!” Grandpaw passed away 2yrs ago; I missed him dearly.
  3. The ‘Greatest Generation’

    This just put a good cheer in me no matter how crappy a day I’ve had… http://www.wfaa.com/sharedcontent/dws/wfaa...s.bfc57dff.html
  4. I agree with Husky42, I have an 8800 Ultra and runs IL2-1946 with 1920x1200x32 at Perfect mode; it looks pretty decent to me. Being an ‘old fart’ of flight-sim since the days of Atari and 286, it is my bumble opinion that the IL-2 series (IL-2, IL-2 FB, PF, 1946) ranks amongst one of the best ‘Survey Sims’. While It cannot nonestly compete in the ‘rivet-counting’ department against Study Sims such as the original Falcon 3.0, Tornado, or Su-27 Flanker (again, my personal 2cents), it nevertheless captures enough fidelity to put it firmly in the heavy-weight category. It is true that graphics is somewhat dated (Crysis it is not), but at least for me that is not a primary consideration when it comes to a simulation. Like a good pint of Guinness, or any Sim for that matter, IL-2 is an acquired taste. There is absolutely nothing wrong for anyone to think it “sucks”, for after all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
  5. Hi guys, I’m new to the “club”, so perhaps a little introduction 1st: I’ve been a FS fanatic since the “golden days” of Dynamix & Microprose in the late ‘80s~early ‘90s (kinda gives away my age bracket...); played most major title since, but for the last 4yrs I’ve been playing mostly the IL2 series both on & off-line. Recently a friend wants to try his hand on FS but found IL2 or LOMAC a tad too “steep” for noobies, so I decided to break him in on SFP1 instead. Problem is I’ve been away from this sim for so long it took me awhile to figure out all the latest updates & addons, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how the series has grown & matured since it’s wobbly early days, and I’m looking forward to spending quality time w/ the community! Hokey, now (at last!) the question - is there any way to change the WEATHER condition in MP DF or COOP sessions? Here’s a sample from my <Options.ini>: *SFP1 w/ SP4 on Hyperlobby* [CoopMission] MissionMap=DEUTSCHLAND MissionYear=1962 ContrailAlt=7000.000000 Service1=Soviet Service2=RAF Mission1=CAP AircraftType1=MiG-21F13 AircraftType2=MiG-19S AircraftType3=Fmk6 AircraftType4=Scimitar ScreenshotsDelay=60 StartYear=0 EndYear=0 WeatherType=BROKEN …however, when we jumped into cockpits the weather is always “CLEAR” regardless how I change the “WeatherType=” entry. Wonder what I did wrong. Also, is there anyway to modify TIME, AAA Activity…etc. in MP? Appreciate any input.

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