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  1. Since Multiplayer seems dead here...For those who want to fly multiplayer get a great Multiplayer exsperience in ww-1 IL-2 ..we are in the process of a new game build..so you can have the best of two worlds...single play here,multiplay there...new planes being released by the modding community every month.....this will be one great ww-1 multiplay when were finished the new build....get in on the new build by googleing PD's Place and sign up today.... PD
  2. All i can say is....FANTASTIC.... ........But my heart still bleeds for a working Multiplayer... May i Congratulate the prople responsible for what as far as i can see is bar none the best ww-1 flight simulater out there includeing R.O.F. I could scarce believe what my eyes were telling me ....ABSOLUTLY BEAUTIFULL.!!! I will not beat the Multiplayer drum here for from the get-go it was advertised as a single player flight simm....the Multiplay aspect of it just sort of happened as an added surprise... The years of hard work and dedication to the cause must be acknowledged for to stay the course this long with the improvement i see will be your Legacy for all to behold....CONGRATS and WELL DONE O.B.D. and member's... I am in AWE!!! THE OLD PILOT......PD
  3. for those who fly online flights.... have you noticed ......are your number's of people flying with you up or down? please indicate by the above survey PD
  4. Multiplayer only

    well done indeed.... pd
  5. well just to set the record straight... C.K. is Canvas Knight's.....and it was and is Canvas Knights i was refering to....i have no idea how R.O.F. entered into the equasion... it's doubtfull anyone saw Canvas Knights aircraft to compare them to anything....they have yet to be released.... and as i have said many many times over...each to his own....there is room for all.. PD
  6. true Sir Mike, but Winder has complete control of the kitchen..... Hey there Widowmaker, it would be a godsend for the multiplayer crowd.... nothing can touch this for offline where i assume the majority of people are.... so each to his own....may everyone have the time of their life no matter what sim they are useing.... PD
  7. Hey there Winder, Thanks for the reply.... i will try and locate the post [as i never personelly seen it] and tell them its all hogwash..... PD
  8. Rhumors abound......AAA forume says were in for a very very BIG surprise....and thats all they would say... The merge in my view would be sheer heaven....especially for multi play....please do not misread this post for i am not shooting down this sim.....just truthfully commenting that the il-2 engine would be the greatest thing that you could wish for....for both on and O.F.F. line... Truth or Fiction .........hmmmmmmmmmmmmm? PD
  9. Recommend Some Pedals for OFF

    i have noticed no performence issues at all... thats a 10 yr track record so your good to go.. pd
  10. Recommend Some Pedals for OFF

    CH all the way for me mike....i have two sets...one has 8 yrs of flying on them and i fly a lot.... i have had to replace a control pot on the right pedel once.....cost was 5.00 for the part and i did the work myself... nothing but good to say for them.. PD
  11. wow!! you are a master of your trade...pride in every set!! man,a 20% penality for fixing the old..ouch!! has you big friend finally started to listen to you lol.. keep well,work safe,and we'll see you when you can...may as well sign up over there as there are only 2 spots left... the admin policy of deleting inactive flyers has been changed.. c u on the far side.. PD
  12. Under what name please? flyby.....you still chipping away at those massive stones? brings back great memmories... PD
  13. Your account has been activated....as well as 9 others.....and i always have a flight in england at 8:00 pm in the evening over there... now go say hello to ''the boy's'' PD
  14. I know what your exsperiencing and sympathize with the frustration you are feeling....lets see how it goes on our trial run... Once we are satisfied with what we have we will contact you for another trial run to see if it would be acceptable for your system and service provider.....i tentativly will have an August 25th trial run and take it from there as to how things are working... PD
  15. Thanks to all, many old boy's of 60 have shown up as well as new member's.... If you have joined and can not see all of the forume please let me know here and i will have admin adjust your account..... it should work automatically but there have been a few times it hasnt....so please advise me if your haveing any issues.... Thanks ...looks like i best get busy... PD

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