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  1. Apparently planes purchased during Merc=true campaign show up (later on if not used) as parked within your squadron. cool.
  2. Tagging target with retractable LP. Wingman with LGBs hitting from high altitude. (1968 hypothetical yet fun AF!)
  3. Nice! much appreciated
  4. SurpriseAttack=TRUE SurpriseAttack=Payback
  5. Napalm against ships, very effective but not so good for the fish and things that swim in rivers... (water is alright in tea...)
  6. Hi, is there any way to have two guns, each on a different gungroup, fire from the same supply of ammo? For instance 578 rounds of ammo that could be fired with either gun. instead of separating ammo between guns. if ya get me...
  7. Hi yall, any way to adjust these light positions without messing with the LOD or whatev? F18 data file: "//Slimers [LeftFuselageSlimer] SystemType=LIGHT LightNodeName=LP_Fuse_Left CanFlash=FALSE [RightFuselageSlimer] SystemType=LIGHT LightNodeName=LP_Fuse_Right CanFlash=FALSE..."
  8. That fixed it thanks man. been fiddling with that for days!
  9. Hi, thanks for your help. I tried that tga with the ini entry as shown but it still appears off to the left. The tga original tga seemed fine as it was centered like expected. And I can see it in the Hud, just way off to the left. Thanks for the help tho, i appreciate it

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