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  1. hey everyone, wow havent posted here in a while, Forgotten Battles became my new love. heh heh, anyways what's new, and who knows what's going on the next update? thanks all ~aaron :shock:
  2. Lossa' rockets

    lol, alright thanks everyone...and yes i agree whole heartedly with Dirty bird when he said mmmmm pickles, brilliant! Thanks again ~aaron :shock:
  3. SAMs

    i just got my ass handed to me by one in a anti-ship mission, i tryed to dive, and then there was a fire ball, if these things where this realistic no wonder they make short work of planes And why do they always pick me first, they never take out my wingmen, always me, cause im not A.I. enough for them...jelous punks
  4. well what if as in the JFK assassination a magic flak shell imbedded itself into my left gear strut, then went into the right then nose gear well, dissabling them, without any evidence or exit wound? Then what!? THEN WHAT!!!!!???? :o lol, i need sleep...so bad Thanks ~aaron :shock:
  5. Hey everyone, i was just wondering if in the patched version if it's still posible for you to make a succesful belly landing, i bombed a ship with 3 2000pound bombs and i happened to be a little low, so i glided to the coast with nothing but a powerless smoking engine, and a missing elevator on my F-100 and i came in for a belly landing, and ended up as ornate shrapnel lawn ornaments, so any info would be much appreciated. Thanks as always ~Aaron :shock:
  6. I'd say the ease of installing skins and such ranks up there with me. And the fact that it's a little known era, and has alot of cool jets. I dont know how many games modeled it, but it's great blowing a Tu-22 Blinder out of the sky only to have to chase down the rest of the flight before they hit your base, using only guns...nice...congrats TK ~aaron :shock:
  7. Lossa' rockets

    ok to clear this up for me more than anyone? do i just hold "[" when im selecting a rocket number and then fire or wha? Thanks...and sorry im slow...it's hard understanding this smart talk words like...pickles and airplane...ahh! thanks again ~Aaron :shock:
  8. Ok out of sheer scroll laziness, and the fact that i want to get my rating up as a posting member, so i will be more respected among my fellow peers and plane shooter...downers...Ok whatever i am going someplace with this trust me. I was wondering if it's possible to fire salvos of rockets as opposed to one at a time. I've tried the bracket keys being " [ and ] " keys but nothing please help...my space bar's dying...if not for me for the space bar. Thank you much ~Aaron :shock:
  9. Ok every time i try the rocket thing, it doesnt work right, it still just fires one a a time, and also, are all these loads for the A-1 real cause if so....good lord...i think im amazed...i just checked and yes i am indeed amazed :shock:
  10. IS there a way to make it so rocket shots are in clusters or anything? Cause the one a time...takes..ssssssssooooooooooooooooo loooooooooooong
  11. haha, well i finally got that SAM i had been asking for I was flying an A-4 on a SEAD mission, and i heard when i first started Missile launch. And i looked around...didnt see one....kept looking....gave up. So i went on and took out some Bar Sweep sites with my Shrikes and then bombed some of the AAA around it, then on my way out i exploded...i was puzzles and when i checked my plane's fireball on pause...I saw the smoke trail into it...guess i got what i wanted...i wish i knew where it came from...lol, anyway how can i aquire a canberra? Thanks ~aaron :o
  12. Ranger: Was that an AI controlled Canberra or did you dl that, if so where'd you get it. I'd like to fly that
  13. ATI cards

    Anyone feeling like getting rid of any old unwanted 3d cards...say new ATI's or GeForce 4 ti's uhh....i'll accept them, free of charge to. Yeah...so uhh just contact me and i'll see what i can do to get those annoying things off your hands.
  14. Wow, nice screen shot, i wish i could tell wounded jet stories...instead my relatives are the only one's left to make up a good story as to why i died on a mission where i was supposed to be intercepting bombers...and for some reason led my flight astray to 'test' the SAM's and AAA's awareness...woops :roll:
  15. even though im not running SFP1 at what im used to, even scaled back settings, i did a night mission attacking some radar sites with a flight of 4 f-100s and i fired one Shrike and knocked out the radar truck, then went in for some AAA, and just for the heck of it dropped all 5 Napalm bombs at once....when they hit...tears filled my eyes...for i now am a believer in all that is good...i have seen the top of the mountain...and upon it...is Strike Fighters...god bless TK and his crew

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