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  1. .ini files are opened with a text editor like notepad or wordpad (no need for a .cat extractor)
  2. The roll induced by yaw (rudder) is correct, it happens in RL, if you are maintaining rudder input and want to offset the induced roll you should use a little opposite aileron, this is part of the technique used in sideslipping, i use rudder alot in gunfights, used delicately it just helps put the sight right where you want it.
  3. Which countries did you visit, when and how was it?

    Interesting thread, here goes, No alphabetical order: Zambia (formerly Northern Rhodesia) - Born there, stayed till I was 4/5 Italy - Moved there from Africa, lived 1 year in Bologna, then moved up into the hills in a little place called Pianoro UK - grew up here from the age of 8 Mauritius - holiday with family when I was a kid Majorca - same as above Switzerland - Geneva, 2 school skiing trips Austria - another school skiing trip Belgium - several times, most memorable time was as part of the display(static) at Koksijde airshow when I was flying for the coastguard France - several times Germany - Hannover for a couple of hours Gibraltar - couple of hours Bulgaria - skiing holiday with friends Lithuania - Vilnius and Kaunas Czech Republic - Ostrava Romania - Bucharest Hungary - Budapest Netherlands - Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Dewenter, Arnhem Kenya - Safari with family as a kid Norway - Oslo, nearly lost my foot in a tobogganing accident Zanzibar - 2 weeks sorting out some family stuff Ireland - Dublin a couple of times Portugal - Faro for a couple of hours USA - Texas, DFW, stayed in a place called Grapevine, loved every minute of it, can't wait to go back this year
  4. Typhoon

    No thats not what I meant, the steerpoint and steering cues are redundant even in the patched version, I only put them in as an experiment because the avionics.dll had reference to them, it's just TK has not implemented them in any version yet. So what I meant was they CTD you in unpatched versions because they make refference to something that is not in the code, whereas in the patched version they are in the code but not implemented fully. So what wrench meant was it works out of the box because it doesn't CTD.
  5. Hey Spectre, how the hell did you manage to find a pic of my girlfriend.
  6. Typhoon

    Thanks I dont believe they do function post patch, just for some reason they dont CTD you
  7. Typhoon

    Nothing quite as drastic as changing the avionics dll, all you have to do is delete the last 2 entries in the avionics.ini file, the ones for steerpoint and steering cue. Bongodriver (The other Craig)
  8. Ever been in an accident?

    I had alot of accidents in my miss-spent youth. if I had to write reports on a couple they would sound like: 'I rolled the car onto its side because I was racing with a friend in some country lanes and he saw the sharp bend first'. 1 week later ( car repaired from the surprisingly little damage of being rolled on to it's side) 'the car spontaneously combusted due to some battery acid from a previous accident having corroded a fuel pipe under the hood' (it was quite a bang I can tell you, that pipe was making a very fine spray so it was like a bomb, the bonnet (hood) looked like the dome of the taj mahal) and yes I have also bent a couple of aircraft, both times it was wing tips (luckily I fly lear 45's now, they have bent the wingtips for me already)
  9. Happy Birthday Moonjumper aka Crusader

    Sorry I'm late. Happy Birthday!!
  10. Rest in peace. It is a tragedy when a person dies regardless of circumstances in the incident, whether they are in a piper cub or a harrier with a bang seat. Sorry if this gets a little 'soap boxy', it's just I have lost 7 friends/colleagues over my aviation career, 4 this year in one incident, and I really don't feel they are worth less as human beings because they flew pipers instead of military hardware. Yes this is a reaction to a naive statement earlier in this thread, but it is not an attack on an individual, I'm just a bit upset this christmas remembering a friend who held respect from his peers which include military pilots.
  11. The Person Below Me

    So True, I hardly leave the house any more because of them. The person below me would agree if they saw the fine pair I had :yes:
  12. Happy Birthday BongoDriver.

    Thanks Guys, was beginning to feel forgotten about Only kidding, I knew you all love me really <------Me 38 now, OMG!!
  13. EF-2000

    to be honest the fix for this is still beyond my abilities, I'm still hoping one of the really talented modders has had a look into it.
  14. The Person Below Me

    true, what can I say the person below me wishes they were me :yes:
  15. The Person Below Me

    possibly true, depends on whose feet you use to measure. the person below me is a complete studmuffin like god of the air
  16. Useless Factoid of the day

    it is in fact an oblate spheroid i.e. it is squashed from pole to pole, but it is indeed crooked :)
  17. Strange, in theory this problem shouldn't have happened if WOE was patched to the latest version, the CTD fix you applied was to take care of the unpatched WOE having problems with the Typhoons WOI speciffic features.
  18. TSR 2

    Yep, thats my TSR and Sundowners skins. I'd beter keep folks in the loop, I am still in the game and the TSR will be eventually completed, some of you may know I have recently changed job and have been going through training in Dallas for my Learjet45 type rating, I now have the rating and will be doing my line training soon, so eventually I will find time to pick up 3ds max again, but before then I am going to upgrade my computer as my current one is about to die I think.
  19. I don't think there is one, but I think both 3ds max and gmax support the 3ds file format, only problem might be that animations get lost in the process
  20. It is a exporter from 3ds max, to create the game .lod files there is no importer for .lod files
  21. One day left

    Well as the title says, I have just one day left and my 'tour of duty' with Her Majesty's coastguard is finished, will be sad I have to admit, that I won't fly the Islander again (until I get my model finished). But anyway, come October I will be in Dallas Fort Worth, doing my learjet course and hopefully sampling many fine beers, steaks and........well ...I have a gut feeling I'm going to enjoy it.
  22. One day left

    How depressing, my final flight today involved overseeing the recovery of the body of a young woman who committed suicide, early twenties-what would make a person throw themselves from a cliff like that, I've seen a few over the years but the sight of this body is going to stay with me for a while.
  23. One day left

    CG in the UK is a little different than the US, it is a civil service more like the police (soon to be intergrated into our new border force) and CG/civil service aviation is all done by specialised civil operators, so I am just a civvie with a uniform, but I have to say the boys and girls of the CG proper have taken us in as their own. So as a civvie I'm just moving on to further my aviation career (never really fancied airlines- bit like bus driving, so corporate or cargo is where I wanted to go) Sam Adams is the recommended beer then, surprised Bud is held in such low regard, the Bud sold over here seems ok to me.
  24. One day left

    It can't be that bad can it? anyway if I drink enough of em they will taste just fine I imagine :yes:

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