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  1. It is plain FABULOUS! If anytime you plan to do more skins (for example a Dutch Hunter during the New Guinea campaign) http://www.luchtmacht.nl/vluchtdoordetijd/...euw_guinea.html http://www.willemsessink.nl/vlkluhunter_06.html http://biak.info/foto/fotos-toen/hunter/index.html I will be the first to use it and praise you!!!
  2. I am also looking forward to some Dutch paint schemes. Here you have some info for the K-Sabre: http://www.willemsessink.nl/vlkluf86_000.html http://www.jetphotos.net/showphotos.php?regsearch=Q-305 Among others of course. thanks in advance for the effort!
  3. Marcfighter, you're the absolute SHIZNIT!!!! Top work on the planes, i'm looking forward to new ones! Ciao!
  4. Hey Wrench! Cudo's for the effort, but (sorry!)..... After the installation according to your readme's I started the game and the radar noses are still NOT visible. The picture and LOD file are placed correctly and an addition is made in the weaponsdata file but no go. on the P the missiles do have their pylons (???) but the 4 on the PM are free floating... Is there maybe a glitch in the addition of the Weapondata file or in the data file from the plane I need to correct? Thanks again for the addition of these interesting planes, i hope I get them to work properly! Muesli
  5. Because there are lots of us who cannot drop one stinkin' pickle in the bullseye I made a short scheme to calculate the distance to target for dropping a bomb. It's in a small text file and you can print it on 1 A4 paper. The calculation is for all sizes and weight and is approximate! Good luck! Muesli
  6. Hey FastCargo, thanks for the reply! The values stated are for dumb bombs in level bomb drops, the speed is in KIAS. As I said, it is an estimate of figures but might help putting the pickle closer to the target! Ciao!

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