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  1. Falcon 4 Gold Announced

    Xicat has me leary as well, but it looks like OIR will be SP+hitiles+bms (benchmark sims modified exes) so since I like that combo plus the few extra things that OIR is throwing in, it might be worth the while, but again Xicat, blech!
  2. Falcon 4 Gold Announced

    The above has already been retracted by Claude and SP4 edits can now continue. He thought that SP4 had exe edits which it doesn't. He even issued an apology for the above.
  3. Falcon 4 Gold Announced

    Actually, the software itself should be good since it is basically SP3+Hitiles+BMS. And considering that Jam or Jamm0r of BoB fame is working on new execs for the sim, it really shouldn't be that bad. Now as far as Claude's, the CEO of G2I, handling of this whole situation, it has been pathetic and it is no surprise that Xicat is publishing this. Also, SP4 can continue. I hope it will be compatible with OIR otherwise I am sticking to the SPx series.
  4. Nice review. Loved the shots of the options screens.
  5. I just saw it at CompUSA for $9.99 on clearance. That sort of concerns me since that probably means they cannot or will not receive any more. Has Strategy First given up on this sim?
  6. I've mentioned this before also. Any Ubi Soft board is full of inmature adults and kids. Raven Shield, Splinter Cell, IL-2, and Lo-mac all suffer from this. I am not sure why so many inmature people go there. Day-Glow is doing a good job taking out troll crap from both the Raven-Shield and Lo-mac boards but IL-2 is beyond hope as is Splinter Cell. Frugal's has some good boards for most of these sims/games but recently, even at Frugal's, as more and more become interested in Falcon because of the SP work more and more whacko's come out of the woodwork. I don't even think some of them fly the sims. They just post. Anyhow, Jeff has some good boards here. More people will come eventually. I'll be here posting off and on.
  7. Nice shots but why is that Tomcat getting into a knife fight anyway. He should have downed that bandit long before that! :D Anyhow, I see your wingie got shot down. It seems that wingies, in the stories and shots I have seen, either get shot down or go bingo with fuel. Can you comment on how the friendly AI is acting? I have heard good things about the AI but usually from an enemy point of view.
  8. Should I buy the HOTAS Cougar??

    I have the Cougar and love it! It is very precise. Some complain about sloppiness in the center position of the stick but honestly it is fine. You can adjust the dead zones and axis curves to suit your every need. I can't program the thing, but there are plenty of people that can and there are a ton of profiles for sims at www.frugalsworld.com and click on Cougar World. A couple of comments...I have small hands and the Cougar, while at first, was awkward, I quickly became used to it. Secondly, the stiffness can be cured with a $20 mod that replaces the springs. Go to Frugal's World and ask about this. I am sure someone with more info will respond. Lastly, be aware that TM supplied some questionable pots with the Cougar. My throttle pot was fried after a little over a year when I upgraded the firmware. This is partly due to the fact that with the 2.03 firmware and above, the dev team increased the resolution settings for the pots to compensate for some killer mods (I'll explain). Unfortunately, the increased resolution fried the stock pots. This is just specualtion on my part and some others that I have spoken to. TM has not said anything to that respect. However, TM is replacing the pots with a new one if you email them. They are a cinch to install if you have a small soldering iron and you can twist electrical wire together. And I say that knowing that I am guy with no mechanical expertise. I have had no problems with my stick, just the throttle pot, which is fixed now. What about those killer mods? I have requested two that I am waiting on. The first one is a set of hall sensors which replace the pots. There is one pot on the throttle and several for the stick. These sensors are based on magnestism and no parts ever touch them so their duration is much longer and the accuracy is greatly improved. And the other I am getting is a new set of gimbals for the stick. These are made of some composite metal, aluminum and something else perhaps. I can't remember. The original new gimbals are something like $600.00. That is way too expensive. However, the guy who makes these is developing a newer set that is only going to cost around a quarter of that. To top it off, the maker of the gimbals, is a great guy. He sent me a replacement throttle pot when I announced that mine was dead at Frugal's World. In three days I had it. I also spoke to him on the phone and he explained exactly what to do to replace the pot plus a few other hints. Again, some say, "You just spent $300USD and now you are spending more?!" Yes, but with these mods, you will NEVER buy another HOTAS again. If you add in the Simpeds pedals which is also based on hall sensors, you will never have to deal with pots again. Yeah baby! 8) I don't spend my money on beer, women and wine. I just spend it on my kids, computers and running shoes once every six months. ( That's for the shoes, BTW. :P )
  9. Nice write-up. I especially liked the part about the improved AI.
  10. Let me just add to the voices of those that are waiting. I haven't bothered playing the sim in about 8 months so if it is fixed accordingly, it is going to be like starting over. Let's all hope that TK can get it right. At least SF hasn't stopped development and TK can continue to work.
  11. Very nice! Can't wait until SF is all it can be. :D
  12. Calling all TM-Cougar Owners

    I have ordered the throttle sensor kit from CubPilot and will be ordering the rest of the sensors plus EvenStrain more reasonably priced EvenStrain Lites as soon as they come available. I fried my original throttle pot when I upgraded to the 2.03b firmware. I replaced that and now I am waiting.
  13. Simped Vario Pro F-16+ Interview now online!

    Skater I am very interested to hear what you have to say. I have read all the rave reviews over at Frugal's, but I'd like to hear from another website about these. I really wish he had a North American distributor, but his operation seems to be literally a one man deal. He is almost too talented for his good it would seem. Edit: My gosh! I just noticed when this thread started. Have you received the pedals yet? I want to order some, but what is the delay in shipment?
  14. A campaign to go with the great models

    Thanks. I wish you the best of luck with your project. I really wish also that I had tons of extra cash lying around to help fund your project full-time. Perhaps one day you could turn this into some sort of "X-Plane" for modern air combat. That would be fantastic!!!!! :P
  15. Propulsor, Do you have plans to add a campaign eventually to glHorizon?

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