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  1. it's only $44 on Amazon US, which would have cheaper shipping for them. The US seems to get reamed on the price of many DVD's compared to the price we can get them from in Europe.
  2. http://englishrussia.com/?p=5241 Some cool pic's of WWI tanks being 'restored' Enjoy
  3. outstanding work guys, those mechanics and boxes in the hangars are gonna make it exciting parking the old crate up after a flight Thanks for the continued top notch support service one and all.
  4. It's quite easy to land on the deck,you just need to practice a few times and make sure that there is a sufficient headwind setup in the mission as well to help both take off and landing.....it can be done without the headwind but it is MUCH harder that way. With regards to the landing, you just have to get into the habit of ignoring the fact that the deck suddenly drops (it's a CFS3 limitation as the code for carriers was never included, so the 2 LOD workaround was arrived at.....you can only have landing strips at the ground level in the game). I found the best technique was to approach on final aiming to land where the stern meets the water....yes it feels a bit odd coming in lower than the deck to begin with, but you soon get used to it. I always found that landing on dry land aerodromes but landing across the strip was good practice for landing on the carrier. HTH Gandi
  5. No I don't mind you re-distributing my weather file, after all it was created to be used, and I don't want to come across as a hard ass, but next time you could try a little harder to get permission eh! it's not exactly difficult to find how to contact me via PM. anyhow, anything that gets more people online can only be a good thing. hope it goes down well Gandi
  6. TrackIR Q ...

    how much of the difference would you say was down to the new software/drivers and how much to the hardware?
  7. OT Swine Flu

  8. I contacted OBD support about this some months ago and here's the reply I got: So unless they've changed things then it's perfectly possible for your wingman to be the flight lead, in other words there is no implied subordination in the term 'wingman'
  9. and the hard work sure shows.....again, thanks for sharing with us
  10. MK2, gotta ask, how long has it taken to gather your fantastic collection?
  11. OT: F.E.2b replica!

    I have to say I hadn't noticed on the first skim read, but they're 3/4 of the way through building a second one as well!! As Spiny says, the pilot notes are well worth a look at too if you can.
  12. OT to the boy's of 138 & 161 sqdn

    ahh, but as you so admirably pointed out UKW, it's what you do with it that counts, not what it looks like
  13. OT: F.E.2b replica!

    Thanks for the heads up Spiny old boy......as you say, cracking photos! Really shows the precarious nature of being in that front seat!?!
  14. quite outstanding collection, thanks for showing them.
  15. BTW you don't get OFF mentioned as an installed game on the TIR panel, at least I don't, it uses the CFS3 profile.

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