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  1. Anyone still interested?

    I know what your talking about Stump, been busy as can be. You told me about MAW awhile back but been to busy and I seem to not have the new IP address for TS. I am ready to do some flying again depending on what time and what day. Thats what gets me all the time, the day and time. With the house full of kids, man its tough to lock my self away and fly without any interruptions. The best time for me is late at night after 10pm CST. What upcoming theather are you talking about? Would be interested to know what it is. FRO
  2. sopwith strutter 1 1/2 mp version

    Stump, I finished your skins for the Strutters, give me a shout when you feel better and i'll get them over too you. The one problem I ran into, and I was wondering if anyone else has this problem, is that when I took them up to view the skins the propellor looks square while spinning. Kind of like a square box and its not just the downloaded strutters from T/S, its all of the strutters. All the other OFF aircraft seem to look fine, does anyone know what this might be caused from and do ya'll have this problem as well? FRO
  3. 24 Sqn RFC Online Campaign

    After reading everyone's posts and giving it some thought, I have decided not to fly with you guys on Sundays. The reasoning is, obviously the settings that are going to be imposed and us being made to follow them. I like flying with everything on and try to have fun in the process. I know you want to take it to a different level and try to get in new recruits, but I honestly don't thinks its going to happen making us fly with TAC only. If your also trying to create an elite unit and weed out the ones who show up Sundays to just have fun then have at it, you'll not only lose good guys and flying mates, but that will also be another reason you won't get recruits. You have to understand that this is 2010 and not 1914-1918. It is suppose to be a way for us M8's to get together and have fun, not get turned off by it. I think it should be our own decision if we want everything off or not and not the person who hosts. I have'nt been around in awhile because I have been busy with other projects and frankly the enjoyment has lost its luster. Not knocking anyone who hosts, it is much appreciated for keeping MP alive. When PD used to host OFF last year, I was on every Sunday and the reasoning is that we had nothing imposed on us and no rules, except ettiquette, to deter us from flying. I flew because it was fun, we flew allied fighter aircraft that had rockets and also bombers, we flew missions that attacked trains, zepplins, airfields, and any enemy aircraft we saw. Flying for hours, just having dogfights and then landing again repeatedly every Sunday is kind of gotten boring. Again not knocking anybody who hosts or makes missions but mix it up some. Let us fly with what ever setting we want and fly some missions with N-17's with rockets and while some part of the squadron is attacking land objects then the other half can be engaging enemy aircraft and then switch out each mission. IMHO load up some of PD's missions and let the fun begin. FRO
  4. OVS, Oh no, I wasn't insinuating anything. Just gig'en at ya a little bit for a little bit of humor. Hopefully you laughed about it some. You do excellent work and like yourself I have tons of books and profiles that I follow as well. I just don't have near the years of expertise you have. Wish I did, but alas I do not. Keep up the good work, and heck, if you need some help with anything give me a hollar. Might not be near as good as yours but 100% effort went into it. Keep the skins coming brother!! FRO
  5. Hey your right Stump, some of those DVII's are painted exactly like the reskins I did over a month ago, same pilot and everything. What a coincidence.
  6. That will work Otto!!
  7. File Name: Bruno Stachel DR I Jasta 23b 1918 File Submitter: FRO8769 File Submitted: 02 Aug 2009 File Category: Aircraft Skins Original OFF skins/templates created by Terry “Makai” Kerby and OBD Software. The Blue Max Fokker DR I of Bruno Stachel Open your Programs folder/Microsoftgames folder/CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields folder/campaigns folder/CampaignData folder/skins folder and place in there. Enjoy! FRO Click here to download this file
  8. Jasta 4 Online Campaign

    Enjoy the game Axe. Its going to be a good one. I can't fly today either. My mother is having a surprise b-day party for my middle daughter who turns 13 this week and becomes a teenager. I am available tonite though and was wondering if sitting duck or someone can host for us guys who can't make this afternoon session. Let me know. Thanks! FRO
  9. Flew with Stump with the new mulitplayer skin install. No mismatches and everything looked great. Way to go Stump!!
  10. Hey where is my request? I should be an automatic shoe-in to get my own personal skin for the game. LOL!! I got it if you want it.
  11. Amen too that Stump! Amen too that!
  12. New Skins Uploaded!

    Dutch, Yeah I'm aware of that. The skins that double uploaded froze in the process of uploading and not waiting patiently for them to go through, I reuploaded them. Unfortunatley they did go through causing them to load up twice. I'll know better next time and will wait for them to go through or cancel and start over. Thanks for the input.
  13. Custom Skins Missions

    I am interested but the interest in this was also brought up by me and Stump months ago with very little interest. If there is enough interest and it doesn't die on the vine like alot of other ideas brough up then lets go for it.

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