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  1. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...=sst&id=697 File Name: Yak-9U Frank File Submitter: Pasko File Submitted: 18 Nov 2004 File Updated: 7 Feb 2008 File Category: Allied Fighters File Version: 1.1 Website: No Information Yak-9U Frank Click here to download this file
  2. Yak-9U Frank



    Yak-9U Frank
  3. Maybe you want to try this model instead? :D
  4. Capun, glad you make ships fire missiles! :D can you post or amil me that part of ini? Maybe there is a way to have multiple systems to shoot and get them to reload as well? 8) Re getting more missiles to shoot, each need to have unique MissileID, here is sample from Chapparal first with ID 1 and first with ID 2 shoots: [Rails] ModelNodeName=Rails MaxExtentPosition= 2.39, 4.20, 1.72 MinExtentPosition=-2.39,-4.70, 0.00 HasArmor=FALSE SystemName[001]=Missile1 SystemName[002]=Missile2 SystemName[003]=Missile3 SystemName[004]=Missile4 [Missile1] SystemType=MISSILE MissileID=1 WeaponTypeName=Chaparral WeaponPosition=0.73,-0.70,2.85 ShowMissile=TRUE IndependentPitchMovement=TRUE [Missile2] SystemType=MISSILE MissileID=1 WeaponTypeName=Chaparral WeaponPosition=0.73,-0.70,2.23 ShowMissile=TRUE IndependentPitchMovement=FALSE [Missile3] SystemType=MISSILE MissileID=1 WeaponTypeName=Chaparral WeaponPosition=-0.73,-0.70,2.85 ShowMissile=TRUE IndependentPitchMovement=FALSE [Missile4] SystemType=MISSILE MissileID=2 WeaponTypeName=Chaparral WeaponPosition=-0.73,-0.70,2.23 ShowMissile=TRUE IndependentPitchMovement=FALSE
  5. Nice bird :D ! To get transparency, set transparency value (under Material properties) on Max to less than 100, and use some texture, like canopyglass.tga for it. And also, apply smoothing to everything (mesh smooth and later smooth)! Pasko
  6. These three FABs use FAB250.bmp texture which is already in game, so you do not need it, unless you want to paint them differently. As additional weapons is not accounted for in game, hence zero availability, although they do show sometimes. If you have modified and extracted all files as in instructions, you should have a black dot on the pylon. Default weapon for that loadout is there, even as textbox shows blank or empty. Just ignore loadout and fly, it shoud be there. For Kitchen and Kormoran, proper guidance is not implemented in game yet, so they should work as Anti Radiation Missiles. However, if the target is not good source of radiation, they won't lock on it. Pasko
  7. SDirickson so far, it is only 3D model. If you have any pics of cockpit, pls.let me know. pcpilot, re FM, there have been roumors of FM Editor coming.
  8. NP. add it as an object, create TGA file which is animated as for explosion effect and here it is 8) Gecko, do you need those Chaparrals and Hawks? Pasko
  9. Here is Komar firing. So far can't get two turrets on Osa and Shershen to fire at the same time, maybe limitation in game. send me e-mail if you need data.
  10. Thanks guys for a tip! Beer is there any ship you are not making, I would like to try to make working ships AA and SAM's? I was thinking of Maddox, but saw you have Sumner Class? Have you something small with guns and missiles? Pasko
  11. anyone knows how to put ships in custom mission? There is one Tu-22 with big AS-4 Pasko

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