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  1. You think he used TB with this flight series? I am WBK at TB forums and wrote the TB Toolkit. But I just got WoE and was wondering if anyone uses TB with this game?
  2. Does anybody here use TouchBuddy? Just wondering if anybody got it to work with this SF series? The game does not let the mouse leave the primary screen, so as for now, you cannot use TouchBuddy in local mode with the touchscreen attached to the game computer.
  3. Thanks Buff... At first I didn't think it worked. When I load it into the Profile Editor all the control assignments are blank. But then I looked again and the keys are there, I just have to assign them myself I guess,... right? Just asking because I had a problem before trying to use an X52 profile with an X52 Pro hotas. For some reason nothing was assigned there too.... But this should work. Thanks!
  4. I tried the Joystick config downloads section, but nothing for the X52 there. Also a search didn't find anything. I could also use a good keyboard template.. Thanks, Snacko

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