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  1. Mixed Feelings on DCS

    One thing: all this made me realise I had some other goal, thats to get my motorcycle drivers licence. And that's exactly what I'm starting this Thursday. I'll be on my chopper within a month. Dickwads like ED pushed me away from the sims, pushed me away from online friends, to be honest, I'm about to kill internet all together thanks to some serious wankers on internet. I'm an International Logistics Manager IRL, deal with alot of crap, every day, all day, but what the kids of ED pull out of their hats realy lets my jaw drop..... I'll check in to see how Cal. Rugg, Hitman, and all are doing from time to time, but I've pulled down my homepage allready, and will be focussing on things that realy matter. Thank you CombatAce for having me here, you are a delight for freeminds, keep it up. If there's anything I can do, let me know, but, for now, I'm sick of flightsims. Paul Arensman Proud part of a once proud group of people
  2. Mixed Feelings on DCS

    Eumm, Where's Wags in all this?? ED, obviously, focusus on the Russian market, but on the other hand we, the western customers, have a Wags. Or is Wags just another nono working for a Russian company what pays well? "Slaves to the Grind" IMO.
  3. Adding new skins

    Read Rugg's post again mate, Modman is very handy, you can get it HERE . Good luck, and enjoy. P.
  4. lomac help!

    Are you using a router perhaps? What O.S. are you on, and, what version of Lockon are you running exactly?
  5. New guy here

    Here we go, sorry to put this up here, but I'm totally cheesed off by these suckers... Thank you "Moderators" for deleting my totally harmless "Funny stuff" thread in the "chit-chat" area. 70% to go, so here it goes: Thanks to all who made this forum a nice place to visit, and a big F.uck You to the rest. Evil Scotsman Kenan IguanaKing Hitman Cali and those I haven't mentioned, You guys rock, and will never be forgotten. P has left the building.
  6. New guy here

    I just noticed my "ready to go" warning bar.... Good to see you were awaiting my arrival on these forums..
  7. New guy here

    Hello all, just thought of hopping by to see how all you outlaws are doing....

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